Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome to Emerald City: The Color of 2013

Gold Accessories with Emerald pieces = Perfection! 

The official color of 2013 according to Pantone is Emerald (Emerald 17-5641). The Pantone group described it as 'Lively, Radiant and Lush'.  I could not agree more.  The color Emerald has a great energy to it and its also my birthstone :).  I see myself incorporating some Emerald color pieces in my wardrobe this spring season.

Viola Davis at the 84th Academy Awards
When I think of the color Emerald what came to mind was Viola Davis at the 84th Academy Awards and how divine she looked.  She was glowing in the Emerald Vera Wang.  She looked absolutely radiant at last years award show and with her natural cropped hair: this was a winning combination of beauty and elegance.

Solange Knowles and my Style Muse Illustration of Solange ^_^
I feel the color Emerald could be really fun this year!  
Here's to a great color and a great year ahead.
Happy Thursday! A scene from one of my all time favorite movies: The Wiz and my favorite movie scene: Welcome to Emerald City

Emerald City Sequence - Green, Red, GoldMusic

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