Friday, January 11, 2013

Olivia Pope's Style: How a Gladiator in a Suit should look

I will give you 6 reasons why I love this show!
1. Olivia Pope is one powerful Being and this Being..... happens to be a woman
2. Olivia Popes character as a very powerful woman played by  Kerry Washington her delivery's impeccable. 
3. The writing's amazing! So, many catch phrases!
4. Drama, Drama, Drama for a good change no ridiculous and senseless  reality for once
5. Olivia's wardrobe gets better and better in every episode
6. Olivia Pope's style. (period)

Here's the secret equation:  The Utilization of Soft colors + Great Tailoring = a Gladiator in Suit. Polished. Clean. Elegant. Warrior (Woman) 

Bravo to the Costume designer Lyn Paolo who does an amazing job at styling Olivia Pope's character.  Of course with the utilization of great designers of Escada, Valentino, Christian Dior and Armani helps as well.  Olivia's scene: Washington D.C. particularly within the confines of the White House, (Olivia's stomping ground ) is very hard knocks, cut throat and deceiving. With lots of secrets and scandalous details of some affairs mixed with love and/or political issues. Olivia's a fixer. She comes in like a beautiful angel delivering some Cold, Hard Facts of political and some non political issues and Wow! She's good.  I mean really good....ridiculously good because her role as fixer she tends to samurai slay any situation or persons involved to get the job done.  She's direct, cut throat and unapologetic and I love every bit of this character.  And she does her job well.  She's literally a lethal weapon dressed up in Armani and Valentino jacket with bouncy hair and an angel face. A force to NOT be reckoned with.

Olivia Pope Style
Her use of neutral colors adds the perfect femininity and power. The great new power suit for women.  Look powerful but at the same time a woman! Yes!

Olivia Pope Style 2

I understand Valentino, Armani and Prada may not be in every body's budget.  Don't fret!  I believe you can still get the look for a great price. An outfit post from me will be featured to get the look for less soon.  Happy Scandal Season!  On ABC on Thursdays at 10 pm EST.  Don't miss it, its a great show!


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