Sunday, April 24, 2011

Le Mahogany Illustration featured in Merh Magazine!!

Happy Easter Everyone!  I have some great news to share.  One of my illustrations is featured in Merh Magazine.  Merh magazine is a bi-monthly fashion/lifestyle magazine that features some great content.  Check it out!

(psst...I am on page 52)

I named her freckels although I did not add it the magazine feature. I figured I add them today.  A little something extra to her.  She also for sale in my Etsy shop.  Along with others.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Sketchbook, my ipod, my blackberry, my pain meds and laptop: It's a funny story.

Hey followers,

As some of you may or may have not known, on Friday better known as Tax Day-April 15th, I had gotten all four of my wisdom teeth taken out.  Now, they tell you what you need to know before the procedure: you know like make sure you have someone with you during and after the procedure, you will experience some swelling after, etc.  So, I was good.  Both of parents came with me.  They had me take one Valium an hour before the procedure so I was walking in with my hands in pockets feeling great.  Checked in, paid my due from what was left from my dental insurance, sat down with my parents in the waiting room as we looked over People Magazines talking about the Kardashians and Jennifer Hudson and then they called me back in.  And ladies and gents:  That's all I remember.  I do remember the smiling faces of the dental assistants and the bizarre anesthesia lady who was singing "Rocking Robin" to me as I drifted off to Rockin Robin World.

Then It Hit Me.  I woke up, teary eyed and on my way to walking towards the recovery room.  Tears kept coming down as my mouth was stuffed with cottony gauze.  I didn't feel anything, no pain but the tears kept coming down. "It's just the Anesthesia" said one of the smiling DA's. "I'm going to go get your parents."  As, my step-mom kept asking me if I was okay and my Dad and the Oral Surgeon discussed the procedure, I did not feel anything but sleepy and droozy and then came the drool.  It started to come out of my mouth unexpectedly.  I couldn't sallow. It was hard for me too.  Oops.  I immediate thought This can't be good.  I probably looked a hot mess! To the 10th power. "One of the side effects, your throat maybe sore for the first 24 hours" the Dr said. "Your gonna be out for awhile"  I remember the ride to my parents house, they made me home-made mashed potatoes, we watched re-runs of the Flip Wilson show, changed my bloody gauze, took one of the prescribe pain meds which made my stomach churn. And was in and out falling to sleep in my Dad's recliner chair.  I decided to dump the prescription and stick to my Advils which was my drug of relief and  the way to heaven from the throbbing hell of missing teeth.  I felt sleepy so I went into my parents spare bedroom and feel asleep trying to watch Girlfriends on BET.

It's day Five I feel a bit better. In my own bed.  The numbness and swelling is taking awhile to die down.  There's this one part on my lower lip and chin that feels like someone punched me.  Every now and then I feel the hellish throb of  shooting pain through out my teeth.   Feening and searching for my Advil. Heating compress feels so good on my face: Suppose to be doing it every 20 minutes on and every 20 minutes off and I am but, it gets kind of hot.  And I still have a bit of drooling problem on my right side but, we won't get into details about it.

Awww...yes. My sketchbook, my ipod, my blackberry, my pain meds and laptop.  The Subject of the matter:  Yeah, They are all on my bed.    I look like an alien at the mother board of her starship craft with a swollen lip with wild crazy hair, hooded robe with all of my technology around me.  LOL! And can I just say that Boiled Pierogies are like the greatest soft food invention ever! Along with Lorna Doone shortbread cookies I am trying to enjoy like I used too..its a process as cookie crumbs end up around my mouth like the cookie monster.

\And thanks to everyone with the special emails, tweets, texts and bbms for your concern.  I do feel the love!  Thanks again!!  XOXOXO!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Artist Appreciation: Daisy Giles

The Artist-Daisy Giles

As an artist/illustrator, I have to give it up to someone who I stumbled across in one of my favorite fashion on-line magazines Clutch. Magazine.  Her name is Daisy Giles from the Twin cities (Minnesota) and will be receiving her BFA very soon.   As I was reading the article, I was so intrigued on how she described her artworks and her paintings of beautifying and elegant use of black natural hair. I have never seen something like this before.  For most African American women, having natural hair was considered "bad hair".  Within and outside of the culture we were told to straighten by any means necessary.  Being nappy did not equal happy for many of us.  But, for me in 2003, I had decided to do the Big Chop.  The big chop away from the "white crack" (a.k.a  chemical perm), chemically damaged hair and start fresh.  I had no hair but, my little curl of new growth and I absolutely loved it. I remember rubbing my hand over my head and thinking OMG I really like this.  I also remember my boyfriend  correction ex-boyfriend rubbing his hand over my head and probably thinking OMG why did she do this.  He never said anything about it.  Which was a good and bad thing.  Yes,  I had gotten talked about, criticized and looked at funny but, after awhile people started to ask where did I get my hair done and thinking about following suite.  I really did not care what people thought because having natural hair for me was...just being naturally me.  I have been nappily, pressed out and twisted for over 8 years now.  My hair is probably the healthiest that its ever been.

But, to each its own though.  Hair is just hair whether you rock it curly, straight, relaxed, nappy, dreaded, braided.  But, when I saw Daisy's paintings with the use of black natural hair, I was truly inspired and thought they are absolutely gorgeous.

All about Hair Collection, Daisy Giles

Pomis-Roses, Roses Collection.  Daisy Giles
I found Daisy on tumblr and was excited to see she was following mine  !! Here are some of my favorites by her.
Untitled, Oil on Canvas

Mette, Oil on Canvas


I have to say I am new, true fan of hers and I wish her the very best.  And a congratulations in advance on her BFA! I hope to see her works in exhibitions a little closer to where I live.  Check out her website at

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Illustrations for Spring!

The seasons changing.  April Showers, gooey worms on the sidewalks, Robins everywhere:  I love this time of year.  Spring has such a freshness in the air I don't know about you guys but, my energy tends to sky rocket around this time.   I just finished an illustration for an online fashion magazine which shall remain nameless until I get the okay.  But, I am beyond excited for it!  I promise to share details later but, for now here's one that I finished up.

Will be in my Etsy Shop soon
What is in my Etsy shop? Spring Stripes! Amongst others...

Spring Stripes
Hope you like.  Leave a comment tell me what you think. :) More to come.

In Heavy Rotation: Marsha Ambrosius-Late Nights, Early Mornings

Marsha Ambrosius
Real R&B.  Love her voice, its so unique and soothing.  I could literally fall asleep to her voice.  I remember seeing her at the House of Blues when my boyfriend . ex-boyfriend took me there to see Floetry. When she was a part of the group.   Don't get me wrong I loved the group but, Marsha's voice is unmistakenly one of the best in the industry.   I know this her debut solo album but, along with Adele I can not stop playing the two albums. This one's a Grammy Winner. Love it.

My favorite track-Lose Myself

  Marsha Ambrosius-Lose Myself (prod. by Canei Finch) by MyMajesticPage

Get it!

Late Nights, Early Mornings


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