Thursday, April 7, 2011

In Heavy Rotation: Marsha Ambrosius-Late Nights, Early Mornings

Marsha Ambrosius
Real R&B.  Love her voice, its so unique and soothing.  I could literally fall asleep to her voice.  I remember seeing her at the House of Blues when my boyfriend . ex-boyfriend took me there to see Floetry. When she was a part of the group.   Don't get me wrong I loved the group but, Marsha's voice is unmistakenly one of the best in the industry.   I know this her debut solo album but, along with Adele I can not stop playing the two albums. This one's a Grammy Winner. Love it.

My favorite track-Lose Myself

  Marsha Ambrosius-Lose Myself (prod. by Canei Finch) by MyMajesticPage

Get it!

Late Nights, Early Mornings


  1. I am listening to her right now.. well her mixtape (Sex Tape) while I type these articles.. Luv her!

  2. Me too. I will have to listen to her mixtape. I am sure its good.

  3. LOVES HER!!! I recently saw her perform here in Philly and she was PHENOMONAL!!!!! Her voice is unreal and so unique. No one sounds like her.....her album has been on repeat since I purchased it.



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