Saturday, January 30, 2010

Couture Fashion Show Spring 2010...finally had a chance to look at some of it.

Having a little down time to yourself is so precious. Been so ridic busy. I have not had time at all to update blog, my facebook nothing. I guess I have to keep to posting on the weekends :) But, at least I am able to post.

So good news besides my new fantastic fluffy pillows I bought for my bed (yay!) I was able to catch up on the couture fashion shows for Spring 2010 (another yay!) and getting the much needed hair trim for my rigid ends (triple yay!) My favorite by far is the Christian Dior Show. John Gallino (Designer) is always a showman. His showmanship speaks for itself. Take a look at some of the favorites I picked out:



Saturday, January 23, 2010

So...I am in a Art Show

My alumnae college Ursuline College has an All College show every year. Yours truly has a piece up.

I called it "Vanity Mirror Mixed Media". Did it about three years ago. Opening was yesterday and some of my co-workers came out to support. Yay! It was fun. Here's some pics:

The it will up until February 14th @ Ursuline College Wasmer Gallery. Check it out. :)

Kehinde Wiley...What an amazing artist

Some of may or may not know him but, Kehinde Wiley is a visual artist that I am truly inspired by. He's an LA native and currently a visual artist in NY. He received his MFA from Yale University and has submerged himself into art history portrait style paintings. Here are some of my favorites:

Rubin Singleton

Prince Tommaso Francesco of Savoy

Alexander the Great in Variation

Yup..that's LL COOL J!

These images are so powerful, majestic and I am absolutely in love with the portrait usage of urban black and brown men with the mixture of the rich prestigious background with stylistic urban fabrics. It's just pure genius.


Check out his website to see more Kehinde Wiley

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Currently reading three books at the moment....

Take Two.....Three books I am currently reading...

Posing Beauty is this amazing photography art book that features African Americans photography. Beautiful book.

Outliers was recommended must read that was recommended to me by a friend of mine. Its the story of successes and human potential.

Marked literally cures my appetite for vampires until True blood comes back on HBO and Eclipse comes out in the theaters in June. It's a YA book but, it seems pretty good so far.


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