Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Illustration! Daughters of Eve

"In the Beginning..."  I believe we all know it from the bible. Okay, so God made the heavens and earth, everything in it.  Then, God created mankind in his own image.  Adam and then Eve. Eventually, after the forbidden fruit of the apple and that gosh darn snake. they bore Cain and Abel.  I started to think what if Cain and Abel bore daughters instead of sons....I know but that's a mind of an artist. lol.

Daughters of Eve 1
I started this illustration months ago on this concept and just recently finished it.  I plan to make it a series.  Leave a to hear what you think. :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Bunnies you say?? The story behind my Cutesy CutOuts.

Yes. Tomorrow is December 1st everyone which means Christmas is right around the corner.  As some of you have already put your Christmas tree up, hung the lights and Christmas decor...I have been assessing my crafts.  The bundles of yarn for the dreamed up scarves and blankets I had promised myself that I would make....all the fabric and fabric swatches from all the dreamed up dresses I planned to make, all of the Vogue patterns that weren't opened out of there Vogue packaging...all of my pretty pattern paper for scrape booking...just neatly stacked and color coded.    Last year, I had this bizarre obsession of buying scrapbooking paper.  As, if I was going to sit down one day go through my family and friend photos and you know scrapbook. Bought scrapbooking magazines oh yes, I was serious. I bought booklets of pattern paper and card stock and tools for cutting even got as far as organizing all my family and friend pics from grade school to college...and then,I started painting.  End of story. (shrug)

The photos sat in there photo boxes(neatly organized by the way), the cutting tools remained in there packaging and the paper laid there for months.  I mean, the pretty pattern paper was used a little bit. Once a a year when I made Christmas cards for my family but that was it.  I did make Christmas Penguins for my shared office with my co-worker to add to our award-winining Christmas decorated office. (#WINNING)  I didn't take them seriously though.

Then, one day. I was finishing up painting one of my illustrations for Le Mahogany Illustrations (in which by the way I have not given up on) and stared at all of my Card stock and scrapbooking paper.   I kept thinking what they heck am I doing with all this paper.  Felt the guilt of having all this paper and wasted money (0_0)...and started cutting.....the paper.  Rearranging the cut shapes....and then I would cut and cut, and cut some more and then,

Bryce was born....

Bryce-The Christmas Bunny

As we all know rabbits tend to multiply and my mind went into overdrive...which it tends to do when I'm in the creative zone.  Then came Amber

Amber-The Christmas Bunny

Then Carlos...

Carlos-The Christmas Bunny

And then Marci....

Marci-The Christmas Bunny

And Mick....I made him listening to "Move like Jagger" and Bob and Greyisha and Henry.  Along with   seven others in which five have found a home already and two will debut this weekend.  Two girls: Marilyn and Pinky. Every time I cut one out, cut out there outfit and give them a little personality I would smile and say "so cute"  Hence: Cutesy Cutouts.  My online Etsy shop is up and running....I might make it more of a holiday thing but....still thinking.....hmmm.  Cutesy Cutouts! Lol.  I wouldn't say its my next project but its definitely an addition... Join the Facebook Page:Cutesy Cutouts, I welcome the support. :0)  As always, there's more to come....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nicholas Kirkwood + Keith Haring: Now that's a matrimony I can agree with.

Nicholas Kirkwood +Keith Haring= Yummy!

I love when art meets fashion and fashion meets art. Its truly a match made in heaven. Despite the not so match made in heaven of the headlines of recent publicized divorces in recent news. (oy vay) So, back to the fantastic meant to be match of Nicholas Kirkwood and Keith Haring. As an 80's child I remembered seeing Keith Haring's cartoonish, pop, tribal like art everywhere. It was just a part of my 80's kid cultural world along with the beginnings of MTV, Michael Jackson dance moves and Jem and the Holograms cartoons on Saturday mornings. (with a huge bowl of captain peanut butter crunch cereal)

Check out this short film of some of his work.

Keith Haring had past away of AIDS in 1990. But, his artworks are easily recognizable and I'm sure some of you had seen them when I ran across these online.
My first thought was if I start saving now, I could get them by the New Year (maybe or next year when they are on sale....maybe). My second thought was, if they were black and in my shoe size...then they were meant to be. My third thought but not in least less thoughtful was: Wow! These heels are ridiculously fly.  How brilliant to put a fantastic shoe maker and iconic artist together.  Amazing!  Here's a few more then I ran across:

So there you have it.  A perfect match of art and fashion to rule the pavement with.  As pairs these heels a truly a match made in heaven. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Artist Appreciation: Iris Barbee Bonner

Hello Everyone,

My artist appreciation spotlight goes to Ms. Iris Barbee Bonner.  I stumbled across her awhile back trying to find my own inspiration and thought wow! This artist is pretty dope. I love her use of color and has sort of graffiti type vibe to it.  She also makes wearable art (shoes she has on are hers).  Check out some of my personal favs down below. 

Iris Barbee Bonner

I also found this Goal Digger Series she did.  In which I loved the play of words from the ever popular phrase"Gold Digger" to "Goal Digger".  Check out this Vimeo video for American Dreaming. (P.S. it's from 2009 so I don't think the raffle is still going on) but for more on this artist make sure you check out her website for all of links at

Love On Top by Beyonce...hearts, hearts, hearts.

New York City Penthouse Background. 6 Microphone stands.  5 Guys and Beyonce in a Black Leotard.  Medal-Adorned Military Cap.  With New Edition Dance Moves.
Stamp of Approval from Le Mahogany Fashionista.  Just a sneak peek full video premier next week. :0)


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gucci, Gucci Spring 2012 Collection

Sometimes I find myself a little late on what is "hip" now with some of the younger kids.  I heard this song and some may know this song called Gucci, Gucci by music artist named Kreyshawn   Well, if you care (And can stomach references of smoking, and the obsessive use of the B***** (Click here). ...There's a chorus line that says: "Gucci, Gucci, Louie, Louie, Fendi, Fendi, Prada  basic B**** wear that s*** so I don't even bother."  (Insert Extreme side eye) There is nothing "basic" about this Gucci collection.  The architectural shapes of the tuxedo jacket, the slick lines of the Art Deco influence....mmm...these pieces are heaven walking.

In Love with high wasted pant and jacket.

Loving the Dramatics of the Eyes

I love the power behind this collection.  It's sort of reminiscent of the Tom Ford Gucci days that I miss so much. The Strong lines, settle but yet sexy design.  It had such a cool comfortable look and Frida has done an amazing job as creative director of Gucci.

Done.  Absolutely Gorgeous. a fashion enthusiast I have got to say that not only am I inspired by this collection. I really feel strongly when I say this for anyone who calls a 90 year fashion house-Basic.....You are truly ignorant of taste and class.  But, to each its own. ; )

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Commissioned Work. :)

Hello Fellow Followers and Visitors!!  It has been awhile and I promise, I will not take this long in between blog posts. (I guess, I got my swagger back)  Anyways, many great things are happening with Le Mahogany Fashionista and from getting requests for commission work to other projects ahead! I decided to blog post about a recent commissioned work I just had recently finished. Brittany and her friends.

Brittany and her girlfriends

Detail Shots

Brittany's in the Middle with Pink Crown

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dreaming of Fall. (Fall 2011 Collections)

Hola Ladies and Gents!  I know it has been awhile and I apologize for the delayed posting but, TADA here I am.  I have finally found some time this Sunday right before my favorite show comes on True Blood.  To post some amazing finds I found for Fall.  I am slowly but surely becoming an Apple product user and found a great app of the Fashion Network where I am able view full recent fashion shows!  Yay!  Its great! I love it.  Here's my five favorite looks/trends for this Fall Season and I can not wait to incorporate in the my wardrobe.

1. Prada-All sudden I started to pay attention to Prada but, Miuccia Prada must have stepped up her creative team since last season because I am liking what she's doing:

Bold Prints/Bright Colors Hearts
How could snake skin look so good?  Haute! 
 I can see my laptop in this.

 Delicious Periwinkle Color+ The Mary Jane type boot=(Hearts in Eyes)

2. Lavin.  I love Alber Elbaz.  I love a man who knows how to dress a women.  I absolutely love the proportions he is using in the tailoring and fluidity of his fabrics.  Billowy, fluid and absolutely elegant.  Here's a few of my favs.
Killer Encrusted sparkly Rose belt. (dead)
 Love the cut of this dress. Fluid but yet tailored.  Perfection in Mustard.
 A Detail shot of one of Lavin dresses.  Amazing tailoring.
 Team Lavin!
 3. Doo Ri

Ever since watching the amazing documentary SeamlessDoo Ri has been on my fashion radar as one to keep watching.   I advice every fashionista/designer to rent this documentary.  Its a few years old but relevant and true story when it comes to launching your own fashion label.

 The slated gray are fantastic for fall.

 Love the high-waisted trouser

4 Marc Jacobs (The Man's a Genius)

Polka Dots. What? For Fall? Yes and it works.

 Blue Polka Dot Skirt. YeS!

 Elegant. (no other words) It just works.
I have been a huge fan of Marc Jacobs for awhile and this Fall collection I agree with the polka dots.  It just works for me.  I would at least be getting polka dots tights from somewhere this season.

5. Last but not least Paul Smith.  He's made senior citizen meets the professor wear look good on women.  I love it.

 Fuchsia Tailored Pant #winning
 Punch of Orange with all dark muted colors another #winning

So, there you have it.  Tailored trouser, snake skin accessories and surprising polka dots and the amazing flare of a color palette to work with this Fall season. One thing is a must this season, I need to find a great tailor. 


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