Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Bunnies you say?? The story behind my Cutesy CutOuts.

Yes. Tomorrow is December 1st everyone which means Christmas is right around the corner.  As some of you have already put your Christmas tree up, hung the lights and Christmas decor...I have been assessing my crafts.  The bundles of yarn for the dreamed up scarves and blankets I had promised myself that I would make....all the fabric and fabric swatches from all the dreamed up dresses I planned to make, all of the Vogue patterns that weren't opened out of there Vogue packaging...all of my pretty pattern paper for scrape booking...just neatly stacked and color coded.    Last year, I had this bizarre obsession of buying scrapbooking paper.  As, if I was going to sit down one day go through my family and friend photos and you know scrapbook. Bought scrapbooking magazines oh yes, I was serious. I bought booklets of pattern paper and card stock and tools for cutting even got as far as organizing all my family and friend pics from grade school to college...and then,I started painting.  End of story. (shrug)

The photos sat in there photo boxes(neatly organized by the way), the cutting tools remained in there packaging and the paper laid there for months.  I mean, the pretty pattern paper was used a little bit. Once a a year when I made Christmas cards for my family but that was it.  I did make Christmas Penguins for my shared office with my co-worker to add to our award-winining Christmas decorated office. (#WINNING)  I didn't take them seriously though.

Then, one day. I was finishing up painting one of my illustrations for Le Mahogany Illustrations (in which by the way I have not given up on) and stared at all of my Card stock and scrapbooking paper.   I kept thinking what they heck am I doing with all this paper.  Felt the guilt of having all this paper and wasted money (0_0)...and started cutting.....the paper.  Rearranging the cut shapes....and then I would cut and cut, and cut some more and then,

Bryce was born....

Bryce-The Christmas Bunny

As we all know rabbits tend to multiply and my mind went into overdrive...which it tends to do when I'm in the creative zone.  Then came Amber

Amber-The Christmas Bunny

Then Carlos...

Carlos-The Christmas Bunny

And then Marci....

Marci-The Christmas Bunny

And Mick....I made him listening to "Move like Jagger" and Bob and Greyisha and Henry.  Along with   seven others in which five have found a home already and two will debut this weekend.  Two girls: Marilyn and Pinky. Every time I cut one out, cut out there outfit and give them a little personality I would smile and say "so cute"  Hence: Cutesy Cutouts.  My online Etsy shop is up and running....I might make it more of a holiday thing but....still thinking.....hmmm.  Cutesy Cutouts! Lol.  I wouldn't say its my next project but its definitely an addition... Join the Facebook Page:Cutesy Cutouts, I welcome the support. :0)  As always, there's more to come....

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