Saturday, June 26, 2010

Eclipse in less than four days!!!

I am so EXCITED for a perfect world, I would have characters Bella, Edward and Jacob dress like this in the little town of Folks. lol! But, for now I will just have to settle for the  hoodies, gray aeropostale tees and sneakers.   I am still excited for the movie though..Midnight showing Tuesday Night!

RIP MJ-Love Janelle Monae Store coming really soon :)

So, I have been steadily working on setting up my store.  I took a look around studio/bedroom and I honestly can not believe how much art I have.  I need to get rid of this stuff and part ways with some that I love (tear).  So, for profit I am willing to give up on some of works.  If you want to take a look now just click on the link below.  Nothing is in the store right now...but, you can at least dig the set-up for now.

My Etsy Store

You Can Thank Me Now...

Thank Me Later

I am honestly not a real big hip hop person, really I am not.  There's only a few rappers I can tolerate and out of that few maybe four I can count on one hand that I would go out buy thier album.  Drake is officially now, my fifth rapper that I like.  So, on one hand in no particular order 1) Jay-Z 2) T.I. 3)Common 4) Mos Def 5) and now Drake.

It is really a great album with loads of summer hits and very lyrical verses. (Meaning: I can actually hear what they are saying and relate and understand)  My favorite track on album: Fancy..a song about women who are holding their own and looking good all at the same time. Love, love, love that track. Amongst the others tracks his videos are visually stimulating. "Over" and "Find your Love" are almost story book videos.  Directed very creatively, colorful and tells a story.  So, if you haven't gotten it yet.....seriously get it.  It's worth your money.  You can thank me later for recommending it. :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Now Playing:

Al Green - Greatest HitsI have been dieing to hear Al Green's voice for sometime now.  Trying to find this particular album and I found it! Some days I just want to hear some real R&B, there's been some very disappointing albums out there but Al Green never disappoints!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some works in progress....

<---Just a taste of what I have been working on...even writing this makes me a little nervous because I never worked with faces before....but, I starting to get a little bit more confident with it.  Some what ...LOL!  But, many more will be posted because like I said "this is just a taste".


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