Sunday, January 30, 2011

In Fashion Retrospect: 100 Words on Life

Hey all!  As a member of IFB Independent Fashion Bloggers I had recently joined this group called 100 words on life.  It sounds of course very limiting because well I am still living and breathing so I am still learning a lot about life.  (All praises to God)  but, this is more in fashion retrospect.  It was a challenge but, I actually did it in less then 100 words.  Check it out:

100 words on life: Fashionably speaking....

-What you think won’t work, will. Always try the unthinkable.

-Everything’s better with heels.

-Black is classic but, adding color can be epic.

-How you feel can show by the way you dress.

-Make Spanx your BFF: Especially with dresses and skirts

-It’s all about the details, when in doubt accessorize.

-Fashion is a funny world so try not to take it so seriously

-Adopt a Style icon: I have three: *SJP, SM, KM

-Self-Confidence is key no matter what size you are, use your clothing as the tools to express yourself.

So there you have it. In 92 words I have managed to some up what I know on life (fashionably) thus far. :)

*Sarah Jessica Parker, Shala Monroque and Kate Moss.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Paintings!!! New Illustrations!!!

You Ready?

I mean...really Ready?

My Army

Le Mahogany Army. :)  Nine women ready for war.  Not sure what war yet, but my inspiration came from Beyonce's I Am.... World Tour DVD.  When I was out sick for a week between bed, the bathroom, TV and some painting (some due to the fact, I would feel nausea from the paint) I watched her tour.  Most people know that I am in love with Beyonce.  She really inspires me from her work ethic, her undeniable ability to keep her stamina while singing and going hard on the dance moves.  And I love her band.  All are women.Very powerful.

Right detail: Le Mahogany Army

Left detail: Le Mahogany Army

Work in progress.....

My Band.

My Band

Part of Runway Watchers...I haven't finished in months...but, its done.

Spring can not come soon enough....I can't wait for color this season.  So much so, I painted colors. Inspired by this Spring season burst of color on the runways.  So excited.!

So, there you have it..I have been painting and there's few more in the works.  They will be listed in my etsy shop very soon.  Keep you posted :)

My contributions to the future leaders of the fashion world.

Hola Everyone!

I know it has been awhile since I have blogged but, here I am with plenty of time to do so.  Considering I have literally locked myself in due to the ridiculous weather of below 0 temps and putting myself on temporary punishment....I really need to just lock myself in and take care of a few things. I'm finding that I get so distracted with miscellaneous things,  I don't focus on what is important to me.  Like blogging, painting and my etsy shop, amongst other personal things.  Eep!  I think about all that hard work on setting up my shop and to just neglect it like I have (no words).  I shake my head at myself.  So, I have been on temporary lock-down. 

108 Elles, GQ's, Vogue, Ebonys, Essence, Vanity Fairs and Marie Claire

So, where can I begin....oh, my huge contribution to the fashion department of my Alumnae College.  Every year or so, I take inventory of my fashion magazines and give away the ones I no longer want.  Instead of recycling them (being very green this year)  I gave them away to the future leaders of the fashion world.  Living in the Midwest and as a former fashion student myself, many of my inspirations came from fashion magazines amongst other inspirations.  Let's just say I was the woman who literally lived with fashion magazines surrounding her.  I could have built a house...a very stylish house at that.  Literally, I had them everywhere.  I thought I had a hoarders problem of fashion magazines. Intervention may have been needed if I didn't come to terms that I really don't need this many magazines.  Anyways, the Chair of the Fashion Department was so pleased and thrilled that she wrote me a letter thanking me for my contribution (btw great tax-write off).

Sorting through the magazines was a trip, I was finding myself re-reading articles while sitting on another stack I haven't gone through yet.  Looking at all of the fashion shoots from seasons past that I have to admit, some I kept because they were good and I wasn't ready to part with them just yet. Especially, the ones with Alexander McQueen spreads and the huge September Vogues. But, the ones I let go, I am really glad I did.  I have so much more space now.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Now Listening to: Cee-Lo Green- The Lady Killer

Okay so I know everyone know that F**K You a.k.a Forget You song but, there's some really great songs on here other than that one.  I have been listening to it and I love it.  Great ol' soulful and fun to sing along too.  Check it out! My favorites songs on the album are: I want you,  Love Fool and Love Gun.

Meet Fifi Lapin : The most stylish bunny in the world

I just happen to come across this blog and I literally fell in love with this bunny.  How cute is Fifi Lapin!  I am such a fan!

Fifi Lapin
Fifi Lapin
She wears nothing but the latest from the world's best fashion designers.  I personally love her in Chanel.  Fierceness on a another level (snap)
Fifi Lapin
What a cutie pie!  Check out her blog and her other friends at 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Letter to the 2010 Robin

Happy New Day, Happy New Year Everyone!  I had woke up after a somewhat "interesting" night out for NYE and thought it was only appropriate to write a blog post on this new day.  As I sit here and eat my bagel and sip on the OJ this morning, I had a somewhat epiphany to write a letter to the former me (the 2010 version)that I would like to share with you.  I keep a personal journal (embarrassed smile) and I hope it will inspire you of just how important it is to just be You and live your life.

Dear Ms.Smith 2010 version,

Its a new day and a new year!  Now, I know the majority of folks are probably planning out there goals, figuring out what to cut out this new year, whether its weight, fixing finances etc.  I have to say we usually follow suite with the same things....we have been living happily together for almost 29 years now.  We have seen people come and go in our lives, we had some victories and disappointments/set backs, we had some sadness and some happiness and we have had people lift us up and bring us down.  For quite sometime now I have felt that you had felt some kind of need of approval.  Or someone to give you a road map to how our life should go.  Though, we are stubborn and tend to want everything to go according to plan.  It doesn't happen that way. When the Creator (Big G) created us he didn't equip us with a GPS on making a U-turn because there's a bad relationship headed our way or turn left here because this is the route people usually go.  But, when you think about it....why would he give us the GPS to our lives?  He has it all in his hands. :)  The simple phrase you tend or...we tended to forget. Plus, how are we suppose to grow and learn into the person the God intends for us to be.

2010 Me

Which makes me wonder why we spent so much time worrying about the things that were out of our control.  Trying to solve every problem and every other person's problems as well. ....:::Pondering::.... Why?  I have no idea. I have to smile to myself because I realize how big our heart really is.  How much we do care for people but, ask for so little in return.  This is something we will have to cease and desist this year.  Streamline some folks that have noticed this trait in us and taken advantage of it.  Because we deserve more out of our life.  We deserve to be cherished and loved as much as you do with others if not more. We deserve the better things in life and all that life has to offer.  And that's not being selfish...that's just the truth.
Oh, and this talent of need to use it more and back it up 110%.  Because if we are not behind it, how do we expect anyone else to be?  So, on this 2011 year of a new day and a new year I, 2011 Robin would like to take over this year.  2010 Robin you have made some big strides on finding your passion and in loving and taking better care of yourself but, I (2011 Robin) will get us on that futuristic next level this year.  Now, I can not promise that things will be rainbows and butterflies in the sky.  (Although I really wish they were)  I can promise that our Faith and our Courage will be much stronger this year.  I can promise that I will never give up on our talents or our dreams because someones lack of understanding or just pure jealously (Hence haters).  I also can promise to laugh more. (at myself included) along with taking the stubbornness from a 9 to a 2.     Okay....maybe not that low though.  In certain situations, you have to be stubborn.  I will streamline it better.  So, upon writing this letter to you. 

Let's live.

Love your one and only,

Robin 2011 a.k.a Robie


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