Sunday, January 30, 2011

In Fashion Retrospect: 100 Words on Life

Hey all!  As a member of IFB Independent Fashion Bloggers I had recently joined this group called 100 words on life.  It sounds of course very limiting because well I am still living and breathing so I am still learning a lot about life.  (All praises to God)  but, this is more in fashion retrospect.  It was a challenge but, I actually did it in less then 100 words.  Check it out:

100 words on life: Fashionably speaking....

-What you think won’t work, will. Always try the unthinkable.

-Everything’s better with heels.

-Black is classic but, adding color can be epic.

-How you feel can show by the way you dress.

-Make Spanx your BFF: Especially with dresses and skirts

-It’s all about the details, when in doubt accessorize.

-Fashion is a funny world so try not to take it so seriously

-Adopt a Style icon: I have three: *SJP, SM, KM

-Self-Confidence is key no matter what size you are, use your clothing as the tools to express yourself.

So there you have it. In 92 words I have managed to some up what I know on life (fashionably) thus far. :)

*Sarah Jessica Parker, Shala Monroque and Kate Moss.

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