Sunday, January 23, 2011

My contributions to the future leaders of the fashion world.

Hola Everyone!

I know it has been awhile since I have blogged but, here I am with plenty of time to do so.  Considering I have literally locked myself in due to the ridiculous weather of below 0 temps and putting myself on temporary punishment....I really need to just lock myself in and take care of a few things. I'm finding that I get so distracted with miscellaneous things,  I don't focus on what is important to me.  Like blogging, painting and my etsy shop, amongst other personal things.  Eep!  I think about all that hard work on setting up my shop and to just neglect it like I have (no words).  I shake my head at myself.  So, I have been on temporary lock-down. 

108 Elles, GQ's, Vogue, Ebonys, Essence, Vanity Fairs and Marie Claire

So, where can I begin....oh, my huge contribution to the fashion department of my Alumnae College.  Every year or so, I take inventory of my fashion magazines and give away the ones I no longer want.  Instead of recycling them (being very green this year)  I gave them away to the future leaders of the fashion world.  Living in the Midwest and as a former fashion student myself, many of my inspirations came from fashion magazines amongst other inspirations.  Let's just say I was the woman who literally lived with fashion magazines surrounding her.  I could have built a house...a very stylish house at that.  Literally, I had them everywhere.  I thought I had a hoarders problem of fashion magazines. Intervention may have been needed if I didn't come to terms that I really don't need this many magazines.  Anyways, the Chair of the Fashion Department was so pleased and thrilled that she wrote me a letter thanking me for my contribution (btw great tax-write off).

Sorting through the magazines was a trip, I was finding myself re-reading articles while sitting on another stack I haven't gone through yet.  Looking at all of the fashion shoots from seasons past that I have to admit, some I kept because they were good and I wasn't ready to part with them just yet. Especially, the ones with Alexander McQueen spreads and the huge September Vogues. But, the ones I let go, I am really glad I did.  I have so much more space now.

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