Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Ten Trends of 2012 ( Le Mahogany Edition)

1.) Caviar Anyone?  Caviar Nails Fun ^_^

I'm sure some of you may have tried this and probably still picking up the micro beads from the kitchen floor or vacuuming them up from time to time.   I have yet to try to do this but, caviar nails looked like so much fun this year.   I hope this trends continues on to 2013. 

check out this video if your looking for a kit by Ciate  you can find it at Sephora or order this UK brand on Ciate website. 

2.)Wedge Sneakers 

It was when I saw the Beyonce Video (Love on Top) that's when  I feel in love.  Who made those amazing black wedge sneakers she's dancing in?  
*Que the lightening thoughts that came in my head as I watched the video. 
"I have to have them" 
"Look at how they are made, they are so fly" 
"They are so adorable"  
"Ahhh! I have to have them!"  
Followed by a bit of drooling I finally got to my senses and went right to researching on-line and found a bit of information on the Isabel Marant  sneakers that Beyonce wore including the $750 to $895 price tags. Pretty steep for sneaks. Way more then Jordan's.  Luckily, I do have some practical senses and decided to get a pair that were more affordable and comfortable.  
I recommend checking out: Aldo, Steve Maddens along with Target and Charlotte Russe

3 and 4)  Ombre Hair and the Fishtail Braid

Ombre meaning: : having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark
— ombré noun

Or  from dark to light and with hair, not fabric :o)

The Fishtail Braid.  About two years ago I blog posted about The Amazing Braid! 

Who could not love this complicated style of braid.  So chic! 

Stop n' Stare at Blake Lively

Angela Simmons looks adorable. 
Here's a fishtail braid tutorial for any of you brave souls with longer hair that wants to try.
Tutorial By UK beauty blogger: Jennie Jenkins.

5.)  Metallic Tip Heels and Flats

Metallic Tip flats or heels can go a long way with any outfit.  

6 and 7) Collared (Jeweled) Shirts and Statement Necklaces

The bolder the better.

A bit of a lioness...

Statement Necklace, the bolder the better. Love Shala Monroque

Found some great finds at shops like H&M and Charlotte Russe. Check them out! 

8 and 9.) The Bold Lip and The Peplum Top

I believe the bold color lip is here to stay for awhile.  My personal favorite is the Red Lizard NARS lipstick. It can be your bff for the long nights its has a fantastic finish to my lips not too much but not so little that you can't tell what color it is.  
BOOM! Its that "in your face!" that I love.  

The Peplum Top.  So feminine and chic. For a curvy girl like myself I thought the Peplum top would make me look even more wider but its a perfect look. Pictured below is Tanesha, the creator of Girls With Curves Blog. 

10.) The Birkin (like) Bag

True story. For this beautiful pad lock Law Bag....I was on a list.  Like a person who was about to purchase a Birkin Bag.  I didn't know anybody at to pull some strings for me but, man for about a month I waited for this bag to be available.   The color was perfect, the size was everything I needed it for my 9-5.  Just Perfect. So impatiently, I ended up getting a black one instead.  
Still a beauty though. 

And that's it Le Mahogany readers my top ten of 2012.  I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Years' Eve. Be ready for 2013!  The future is evident and in your hands take control, blueprint your dreams and keep it moving forward!

Friday, December 28, 2012

My Letter to the Year Called 2012

Dear 2012, 

You were good.  No, you were a great year for me.  I personally deem you as the year of change.  Many lessons learned as life always serves and because of you (2012) I am a better woman because of them.  I examined what I had tolerated for so long.  Some friendships lost but I gained valuable and amazing ones mid year.  Discovering the value of my art and my craft and how it affects others all around the world.  My re-connection with my other side of my family has filled a void that I've missed and longed for. I love getting to know my ancestry history and where I actually came from.  I no longer feel lost.  I know why I am the way that I am.  When you can stand firm on your values, know your history,  know your beliefs and your spirituality, you are truly a powerful person.  I am not trying to sound like I am so 'Enlightened' that I am not human but, 2012 thanks to you my 2013 can only get better for me. Also, discovered that FEAR IS A BIG, FAT LIAR.

Many talk about New Years resolutions but, I'm not that traditional anymore.  It's never worked for me in the past so I choose to do a different 'resolution'.  It's called "The Act of Now".  I stopped talking so much future and started talking now.  I pray for patience as I continue my journey and have the confidence to know that through God anything is possible.  God may not answer when you want him to but, he's ALWAYS on time.  So, I am continuing my journey of life on the path where the light shines and look to HIM for the answers because you and I both know man (meaning the human race) may not have your best intentions at heart. My spirit of intuition is stronger, my mind set is changed for the better, my heart is ready to receive and I am ready to give and bless others no matter how big or small.

So, thank you 2012 and tell your brother 2013 I will see him soon. 

Love, Robin
The Creator of LeMahogany Fashionista

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Loving "Losing You"

Loving this music video from Solange Knowles!

The imagery in this video's perfection and I learned about a culture that I wish I had knew about before.  The very dapper South African gentlemen featured in the video are called Sapeurs, they hold themselves with such pose and elegance.   I love it and I am currently researching about them.  There's a sort of meaning behind their clothing, somewhat of an art form.  It's a perfect example of fashion becoming wearable art.   Clothing tells a story which means you might as well tell a good on everyday :).

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sketches n' Saturday Inspirations

Josephine Baker and her pet cheetah

Hey everyone! Wanted to share an illustration project I am currently working on. I'm combining exotic animals into my fashion illustrations. It's a process that I am trying to master out in my own style. :)  Stay tuned for more.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Inspiration Saturday

Inspiration from the smallest source. 
Naomi Campbell in Bazaar Magazine, 2009 

Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture Fall 2012/13

Lana Del Rey Born to Die Video

Photo by Elliot Erwitt

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Turban Trend: NOT POLITICAL!

The Turban Effect. Let's face it ladies, its Hot and I mean really hot out now. Many of us do not want to fuss around with flat irons trying to straighten our hair only to step outside for a minute and its *Puff* The explosion of big hair. Honestly there's nothing wrong with big hair. I love Diana Ross hair.  If your hair anything like mine it majorly thick and it can get fussy, taming this lion's mane can be a true tragic tale.   So what to do: The Turban.  So, many variations to choose from but there's nothing like making a statement.  First of all the turban effect does not include the hair bonnet or a hair scarf you slept in and just rolled out of bed and decided to to start your day.  This is a fashion statement. Only worn by the true professional fashionistas and not to be looked as a political statement.....unless your trying to make one.

This isn't new. Women have been wearing Turbans for years.

1966 photo of Elizabeth Taylor in a beaded turban.

The Beautiful Iman in an ad for her ImanHome line. 

Kate Moss with a golden turban at the 2009's Metropolitan Museum Costume Insitute Gala
with Marc Jacobs :)

Even..The Queen of England herself,  1950's in a yellow and white polka dot turban.

There's something elegant,  sort of has a sophisitfcation about the turban.  If worn just right you may get those who think "I wish I could pull that off" instead of the question "what is that on her head?"

June Ambrose, one of my favorite stylists had brought the turban back to life last year with launching her own turban line. It was a moment in time in which I started to see them everywhere in the magazines, style websites, blogs...even the the fashion lines: Check out Jason Wu Spring 2011 June truly captured that moment and really went with it. Every now and then I still see the trend going pretty strong.  So, after veiwing many youtube vids I found the perfect one that was step by step and very easy to follow by naturalbelle1 (love her accent)

After the first try here are my results. (And me being silly)

So, try it out: So many kinds and styles to choose from.  Make sure you don't forget to wear it with confidence and keep cool.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Reading List 2012

Guilty Reading

So Arrest me.  Summer reading is one of my favorite pastimes.  The days are longer, the nights are shorter the heat is ON and the keeping cool is necessity.  I wanted to share my summer 2012 reading list with everyone and hopefully inspire some summer reading of your own.

1. Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy

I kept hearing about it: 50 shades of what? Then, I would keep seeing the mysterious black covers of a tie, a New Orleans type mask, hand cuffs on the bookshelves at Target and Barnes and Noble. A week rolls by before I started overhearing people reading about it saying  "It's so Good and You would love it".  So I picked up the first book and joined the rest of the nation well...women reading these books. So, far I am on the second book and all I have to say is in the words of Joey Lawrence "Whoa".  It's something I've never read before, its intense, sort eerie, hot, mysterious and a few times I have had to put it down....then pick it back up again. (insert guilty grin).  But, I like it.  The main character Christian Grey will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotion.  You won't like him at first, but then you will love him too.  I still have the last book to read on this trilogy so the verdict is still out on if I really like/love/hate him. 

2. I Spy, DIY Style = Fun Summer Projects ^_^

So excited to run across this blog: I Spy DIY by Jenni Rados.  She has some pretty neat and simple wearable projects to get some great looks.  I plan to do a few so stay tuned for some blog posts in result. ^_^

3.  The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own By Nina Garcia

 I figured since I just turned a 3rd decade old recently (fancy way of saying 30) its time to re-asses my style. Searching for more classical pieces then the trendy, trends. 

4. Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs

I still love a good coffee table type book filled with colorful pictures and editorials.  But,  reading about one of my favorite designers Marc Jacobs and his creative direction with Louis Vuitton is an added bonus. 

5. Men's Fashion Illustration A.K.A- I need to sharpen my skills at illustrating Men. 

Finding a  style of illustrating Men is a challenge.  Hopefully, this book will help.  I bought it over a year ago, time to open it up. :)

So that's it.  I am sure I will find more books to read over time but, I have my summer reading list filled.  My summer reading books are listed down below along with some other books from  Check them out and Happy Summer Reading. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Le Mahogany Illustration Etsy Shop Re-loaded ^_^

Plenty to choose from: LeMahogany Illustrations Etsy Shop Open for Business!!!!

She's back at it. She meaning me, selling my illustrations again ^_^  Excited to share this with the world and hopefully bring some happiness to your homes, offices or wherever you would like my gals hung.  My Etsy Shop is reloaded and open for business with some new illustrations and some that you may have seen before previously.  So, stop by and don't be Shy.  :0)  I am continuing to illustrate on some new projects this summer but, I will definitely keep you all posted.  Thanks to those for the continuing support,  I know I was M.I.A for a bit but, I promise to not keep away for too long of a time.  I love sketching and painting my girls I am very passionate by every single one.   So much more to come. XOXO.

Featuring some of my "Fierce Faces": Cherry and Carrie ^_^

My Style Muses ^_^
And other original artworks by Me: Featuring "All Black Everything"

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Style Muse: Miss Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles my Style Muse :D. Illustrations my Me (LeMahogany Illustrations)

Looks like a dream in this Cynthia Rowley Dress

In honor of IFB 50th Project post: Who's Your Muse I have chosen one of the few style muses that I absolutely adore.  Finding inspiration for my own personal style I tend to look over some magazines, check out a few of my favorite style blogs, go to a few shops including thrift shops to find some one of kind creative pieces.  One things for sure that I don't do is follow a lot of trends that come and go so quickly. I have always been someone who takes something and try to make it to my very own style.  Fashion is expression so when I see something that is like nothing I ever seen I am immediately drawn to it.  So, when I see someone like Solange Knowles (a.k.a Beyonce's little sister)  who literally has an amazing style of her own, I am captivated and literally stuck in a Stop n' Stare mode with her style.
Her mix of prints and patterns are impeccable and shows she's not afraid of color.
She looks absolutely stunning and the 'big hair don't care' gives me such inspiration to illustrate her.

So, I did illustrate her, love the Turban look. 

Love this look: Playful peach jumper with toppled box

Illustrated by moi!

Sleek, fun and amazing uses of color= one of my top style muses.  


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