Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Turban Trend: NOT POLITICAL!

The Turban Effect. Let's face it ladies, its Hot and I mean really hot out now. Many of us do not want to fuss around with flat irons trying to straighten our hair only to step outside for a minute and its *Puff* The explosion of big hair. Honestly there's nothing wrong with big hair. I love Diana Ross hair.  If your hair anything like mine it majorly thick and it can get fussy, taming this lion's mane can be a true tragic tale.   So what to do: The Turban.  So, many variations to choose from but there's nothing like making a statement.  First of all the turban effect does not include the hair bonnet or a hair scarf you slept in and just rolled out of bed and decided to to start your day.  This is a fashion statement. Only worn by the true professional fashionistas and not to be looked as a political statement.....unless your trying to make one.

This isn't new. Women have been wearing Turbans for years.

1966 photo of Elizabeth Taylor in a beaded turban.

The Beautiful Iman in an ad for her ImanHome line. 

Kate Moss with a golden turban at the 2009's Metropolitan Museum Costume Insitute Gala
with Marc Jacobs :)

Even..The Queen of England herself,  1950's in a yellow and white polka dot turban.

There's something elegant,  sort of has a sophisitfcation about the turban.  If worn just right you may get those who think "I wish I could pull that off" instead of the question "what is that on her head?"

June Ambrose, one of my favorite stylists had brought the turban back to life last year with launching her own turban line. It was a moment in time in which I started to see them everywhere in the magazines, style websites, blogs...even the the fashion lines: Check out Jason Wu Spring 2011 June truly captured that moment and really went with it. Every now and then I still see the trend going pretty strong.  So, after veiwing many youtube vids I found the perfect one that was step by step and very easy to follow by naturalbelle1 (love her accent)

After the first try here are my results. (And me being silly)

So, try it out: So many kinds and styles to choose from.  Make sure you don't forget to wear it with confidence and keep cool.

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