Sunday, March 27, 2011

Introducing "Laura" to my shoe collection

As I am steadily working on finishing out my Spring illustrations I decided to treat myself.  Every year I tend to do an assessment of my clothes, shoes, purses etc and give those that I don't want away.  Some say I give out too much but, I like new things and their is always someone else in need.  I noticed that my shoe collections has been looking...well...a bit strange.  I felt a bit out of the loop on the what was the hottest shoes and for some reason, I have way too many peep toes :/  (Peep toe obsession)  So, I had searched high and low, going in and out of Aldo shoe stores, checking in and out of Macy's. 


After stomping around the semi-waxed floors of the malls in my UGG boots I decided I would go on-line.  I have never experience ordering shoes (heels) on-line before and I have such weird shoe size it could vary from an 8 1/2-10 depending on the heel.  So, I took a chance on website called JustFabulous So, many pretty gorgeous heels I was so excited!

Now, if your like me, I know what I am looking for.  For me I was looking for a heel that will not last 15 minutes before my feet start screaming.  So, they give me a questionnaire on my personality style and Tada!

Laura....amongst 5 other gal heels appeared, all in my size.  And surprisingly, I would wear all of them.

Laura-She's so pretty
When she was delivered to me, I didn't realize she was so tall. 5 inches.  Not the website fault, I just did not read all of the content.  It was more like ooo, pretty buy button.  It makes me 5'10" (awesome 2 points)  And she was very comfortable to put on. (3 pointer, Yes!!)  I had wore them around the house breaking them in but, I can not wait for the Spring to turn completely over so, I could wear her out!  She so deserves to be seen.

Platform heels with a rounded toe tend to work for me.  Less pressure on the base of the foot. Toes can relax,  I just remember the horrible trend of the pointed toe boots.  Jesus, my feet I would feel like they were on fire.  I set Laura next to my other shoes and I have to say they seem a bit jealous.  Laura will be joined with others from JustFab     The website not only has shoes but, some very cute bags as well.  All are just 39.95!  Pretty decent compared to what I have paid for heels in the past.  (sigh) Laura, she's gonna need some girlfriends on her level. Lol!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Stripes. Yes Please!

Hey everyone!  This is going to be a short and sweet blog post.  In celebration of warmer weather and bright colors for Spring....Tada!

No name yet. Working on it.
You like?  I could not wait to show you all, the first out of many.  Stay tuned for more and make sure you check out my youtube channel this weekend.  New V-blog soon!  XOXOXO!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Etsy Shop Update, Youtube Update

Hey Everyone!  It's Saturday and amongst the busy schedule, my illustrations has gotten some serious attention.  I have to thank you all, the faithful few that stop and view my blog, youtube posts and my etsy shop.  Lately my Google Analytics and I have been best friends. % of views have been through the roof. 

Etsy Shop

My Youtube channel results: I have picked up 3 new subscribers and 56 views from my latest video I posted about a week ago.  Which means, yes, I will be doing more vids!   I just posted a new one of me sketching some figures for my next project out of my spring collection.

So, there you have it!  Promise to keep you posted!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rachel Roy's Spring 2011 Campaign

fHappy March!  March is just the stepping stone to April and then the wonderful month of May!  Which means Spring is right around the corner! YAY!  I am so ready to thaw out from the cold and grey and walk into the warm and color.  So upon finding my inspiration for creating my more of Le Mahogany Illustrations I happen to click my way to Rachel Roy's page and found this:

I absolutely fell in love with this...what an amazing way to campaign for a fashion collection.  Beautiful imagery, great spring pieces.....Bravo Rachel Roy.


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