Monday, February 21, 2011

Adele 21 tomorrow beyond excited!

It's been awhile since I blogged about music.  Because its rare to find music nowadays that I would actually go out and buy.  Yes, I still go to the store and buy CD's because I like the cover art and to know what the lyrics really are instead humming over the words.  haha!  She is real, raw talent.  She's not shaking her butt down to ground, not wearing the most outrageous outfits, not overtly sexified,  because her voice speaks volumes.  Her songs are amazing.  I absolutely love this song and can not wait tomorrow for Adele 21 to drop in the U.S.  This is my future heavy rotation album.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring, I see you....come on out of your hiding place.

United Colors of Benetton

Hey all!  Happy Saturday and it has been a busy one for me.  But, I am managing to squeeze a bit a time to share some of my inspirations for my next illustrations.   SPRING!! and COLOR!!  I am sooo excited that Spring/Summer Fashions are  back in business with COLOR and has finally told the beiges, the neutrals, the whites to kick rocks.

So over the past few days of trying to refrain myself from getting side tracked with New York Fashion Week for Fall 2011, by the way....have seen Marc Jacobs Fall 2011,  I literally almost fell out. Polka Dots...:::tingles:::...

Okay back to the current season amongst us.  Spring!! So excited for it!  Here a few Fashion Campaign that I am love with and inspired by.  

Marc by Marc Jacobs
O'2nd Spring Campaign 2011
Photographer: Tim Walker

O'2nd Spring Campaign 2011
Photographer: Tim Walker

United Colors of Benetton 

United Colors of Benetton


So, Color is the new black, ladies and gents and I am truly inspired.  Stand by for results and before I forget Feb. 24th special post!  On my youtube channel, Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Mother

Today is a very special day because my mother's birthday.  I would like to take a moment or a post to write about my mother because what most people don't know is that my mother died when I was eleven years old of cancer.  But, I don't want to make this post about her death....I want this to be about the celebration of her life.  She was an amazing woman and I can't thank God enough for having such an amazing woman as my mother. 

I remember so much about her within the short years I had with her.   My mother's laugh(hysterical), her voice(so kind), her smile, her pose, her style and elegance.  I miss watching her get ready to go somewhere like Church or some place nice with my father.  I remember after she would put her lipstick in mirror she would turn to me and make sure to give me a little bit to put on my lips with her finger. "Just enough for a little color" she would say.   She was the most beautiful woman in the world to me and I could not wait to show her off at school if she had to visit or to my friends.

She was tall about 5'10 , 5'11" and yeah, I did not get that gene unfortunately.  I got my father's 5'8", 5'9" stoutness (I am 5'4").  However, I did adopt her dimple on the left side and her quietness.  Those that knew my mother and knew me, tell me that I look like her.  I don't know about that because I see myself everyday and I am not really sure if I see her in me. But, I guess she is there.

Christmas....the best time of the year for the Smith family.  Still is but, man, as a kid waking up my brother at like 4 a.m. and going downstairs and seeing all the toys laid out...It was truly heaven for me.  As you see in the pic above I was pretty occupied with the brand new Rainbow Brite I got to even look at the camera. My mother and father were hard workers and they made sure we (my bro and sisters)  hadn't went without.  Especially my mother.  She was an amazing crafter, sewer, and shopper.  My sisters and I still talk about the times we would all go on shopping trips.

Mama and Me with no front teeth

Craft Stores shopping was always fun with my mother.  She would get a project she would want to do and I would help her do it.  She knew I liked art,  fashion and drawing because she caught saw me one day drawing on the walls near the staircase.  (oops)  I got in trouble but the next day she bought me colored pencils and drawing pad.  VH1 Fashion television was our favorite hour on TV.    I knew all of the 90's supermodels names along with the designers like Gianni Versace and Calvin Klein: I was nine years old. 

Dad (pops), Mama and Me

There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about her.  She wrote us all personal letters the year before she died.  I cherish every word.  In the letter she writes that I was her sunshine that God gave her, she also wrote that she knows God has some great plans for me and she wanted me to be strong.  To remember to take care of myself and remember that God loves me. To take my problems to him first and he would guide me through.   She ends by saying that she loves so much and that she will see me later. 

It's testimonial because I've have learned over the years that taking my problems to God first was one of the things I tend to forget.  You get so wrapped up in whatever it is and feel like there's no one person to turn to...but God always there. 

I miss her.  Everyday. For the past 17 years. 

Happy Birthday Mama.  I love you and I hope I make you proud. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sneak Peek: New Illustration :)

Hola Everyone!  I haven't blogged in awhile and I do apologize but, I have been pretty busy.  I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the series that I had been working on.

Okay that's it....... no more.  Full on feature along with others like it this weekend.  Make sure you tune in to my youtube channel this weekend.  Also February 24th Mark you Calendar special announcement made by moi. XOXOXOXO.


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