Saturday, June 25, 2011

Style of a Man- Ozwald Boateng Inspiration

Every now and then I will pick up a GQ magazine or Esquire magazine because well I am curious about men's style (and inside a man's mind, some articles can be very insightful) but, that is besides the point.  I am pretty sure every woman could agree a man in a well-fitted sport jacket can be a neck turner.  All of sudden your senses are heightened when a well dressed man walks by.  You sort of adjust yourself a bit just to get a better glimpse at his physique. The fit of jacket, well tailored pant...Is it European or American cut....No, Ralph Lauren purple label .....No, maybe its something you never heard of but, you know it did not come from Men's Warehouse. (Unless he has an amazing tailor) Or maybe its from the Devon Scott Collection.  Never heard of him?  Yeah me either.  But, his website has some amazing pieces for men.  Devon Scott

Devon Scott

And then, there's Ozwald Boateng

Spring/Summer 2011-Ozwald Boateng

A man after my own Le Mahogany Fashionista heart.  I had found my very first man illustration and decided to put it in my Etsy shop.  On Sale Now! It's entitled: My Man. Lol!

My Man
So there you have ladies and gents. My first post on Men's Style.  On several occasions I have had to tell a boyfriend or two that they need to change something that they thought they were going to wear out in public.  SMH. Nope that with me. lol!  (Quick Change) So, this post is dedicated to all the stylish men out there that know their style and carry it with confidence.  I see you. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Christian Louboutions Ad Campaign 2011: High Art meets High fashion w/ a red bottom

I will own a pair....I will.  I am determined to wear them strutting through either the concrete jungle of which ever city; Paris, New York City, Milan....where ever I choice to be or purchase them.  I will own a pair (or 10) of Christian Louboutions.  I ran across this Ad Campaign for his Fall 2011-12 Look book and thought whoever came up with this concept was borderline Genius.

James McNeill's Mother's Whistler

Christian Louboution Version

Christian Louboutins

Georges de la Tour – “Magdalene and the Flame"

Christian Louboutin's Version

Christian Louboutin

Francisco De Zurbaran – Saint Dorothy

Christian Louboutin's Version

Christian Louboutions

Marie-Guilleme Benoit's -Portrait d’une negresse

Christian Louboutin Version

Christian Louboutin

Jean-Marc Nattier's "marquise d'antin"

Christian Louboutin Version

Christian Louboutin purse

 High Art+High Fashion = A wonderfully delicious campaign Ad for the Red bottom heels.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Now Playing: Des'ree

We all go through our days, our weeks and sometimes our months when it seems like everything is literally out of wack.  Trials and tribulations sometimes hit us like hail with no mercy in our lives.  Confusion and/or disappointment seems to set in like its a part of our everyday lives. And then the storms starts to die down and things start to get a bit better.  I think the bittersweet is what we've learned when its all over.
 Des'ree 'You Gotta Be' is that kind of song for me.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Inspiration: The Amazing Braid

Hair, Hair, Hair.  It's summer time ladies and ...gents.  And Summer is finally here which means for me I am braiding up my virgin, thick, natural black hair and buying someone elses to weave into my own. Ha! It sounds horrible I know but, it's a summer thing for me.  Now this is not to say I can't whip my hair back and forth with my own hair but, heck I like weaves and braids especially for the summer and extensions are just convenient to have.  An extension of me to express my beautification and style. :) Plus, I am ready to hang out at somebody's pool and go the beach.  So.  upon my many findings of hairstyles I started to notice this new phenomenal trend:  The 'Amazing' Braid.

A braid braided from the front to the side and hanging to the side....Absolutely love.  And I hope to rock it once I get some hair put in.  And there's so many different kinds...

Although not highly recommend when your driving but, I think you get the point of the wrap around braid. 

Bold color with long side braid. #Winning.  I love Rihanna in this pic
Love this.

When I think about the braid Alexander McQueen comes to mind.  The Spring 2011 collection of A. McQueen designed by Sara Burton was absolutely breathtaking.  When I was looking at some the close-ups of the beauty shots.  The hair...Wow.

Insane in a good way!   Of course this is the extreme variation of a braid but, extreme can be good for a showing especially when representing a Genius brand.  Long Live McQueen! To see more of what inspires me make sure you check out my tumblr blog: Inside the Imagination and Visionary Mind of Robin.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Le Mahogany Fashionista's: Summer Reading List

Yes. I read. Books.  Hard Copy Books.  I have always been a reader.  Ever since the fourth grade when I was introduced to poetry and comprehension of books without of pictures for the first time.  The worlds of Robert Frost and C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnias Series were always fascinating to me.  Using my vast imagination with creating my own characters was my relaxation and still is.   Also, it opens up a world of knowledge.  I recommend to those who are creative illustrators to designers to bloggers.  Hugh MacLeod's Book: Ignore Everybody and 39 other Keys to Creativity.   It is a great read! Totally changed the way how take my Le Mahogany Illustrations to the next level.  He's bit tongue and cheek but, real and honest of honing in on your creative endeavors.

Also on to my summer reading list:

The Help by Kathyrn Stockett

I started to read it.  Then stopped.  I never really was good at reading about the not so long ago times of inequalities amongst African Americans in this country.  That's why I thank God that was born when I was born. (An 80's baby)  Because, only Lord knows that I would not last long during the decades of late 50's and early 60's.  So, I am re-reading because my sister says its really good and the movie will be coming out soon...with one of my favorite actresses Viola Davis


Recently ordered The 48 Laws of Power

Recently recommended by a couple of friends that say its a must read.  I am all about finding your power within, self help books I never stir away from because they give you that extra boost of whatever you would want to call it confidence, ego...whatever.  I am never ashamed of bettering of myself  but, I am...not really I feel about this one. Lol!  But, I am willing to read a recommended read.  :) Keep you posted on it. To be continued....

First of....Robert Pattinson Hot.  And Robert Pattinson Hot.  So, if I can read something that I could imagine him being the main character in (shout out to my Twilighters out there) I'm reading it.  Haven't seen the movie but, I like to read the books before seeing the movies.

So that's it so far.  The help of Watering the elephants is Power.  Lol!  ;)

New Illustration for a Great Friend

Helo Le Mahogany Fashionista Fellows and Visitors:

Recently a good friend of mine had just gotten married and I was happy to be part of the ceremony as a bridesmaid.  We've known each other through out high school and she is like a lil sister to me.  As her wedding gift she had been asking me for painting for awhile so, I painted a painting of the newlyweds.

O-Shai and Johnathon
Of course this is another painting that I struggled with finishing due to some outside distrations but, its finished and the award is the smile on her face when I gave it to her. 

The wedding was beautiful and I was so happy to be part of it.  So, I raise to glass to love that it may it never grow old between the two and wish them very best.  (Toast)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Now Playing (On Repeat): Jill Scott "So In Love"

There's only a few music artists that I would run and buy their album or rampage itunes for.  Jill Scott is one of my few.  Real talent, Real voice, a real songwriter and so gorgeous.  The quote "I love me some Jill Scott" comes to mind.  :) She makes me smile and this song in particular "So In Love" is adorable with Anthony Hamilton.  It's a song that I can not stop jammin too and could see my parents jammin too as well.  Which either means I am getting real old or I just like real good music. Either way, I love it's ol' 70's sound which makes it an instant me anyways.  Take a Listen:

Jill Scott - So In Love by missjillscott

yup...I know you like it.  Album: The Light of The Sun comes out June 21st.  And I can not wait! :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

One Year Anniversary Piece

Bonjour Everyone!  It's been awhile since I had posted a post.  Between, my birthday, being a bridesmaid at one of good friend's wedding, grad parties, going away parties I barely had time to myself.  Summer just sort of snuck up on me and It's SUMMER! Yay!  I never thought the sunshine, the 70-80 degrees would ever come.  But, its here and I am going to enjoy every bit of it.  I have managed to finish my One year Anniversary Piece as promised in my last post.   Here it is!

Runway Watchers 2

Runway Watchers 2

Runway Watcher 2 will be available in my Etsy shop!  So, excited for this piece because it felt like it took forever to complete.  Between a busy, emotional, tough couple of weeks, I managed to finish!  Yay!  On my inspirational blog: Inside the Imagination and Visionary Mind of Robin-my tumblr blog.  I reblogged a quote that was inspiring to me.

Which is so true for this particular piece.  I kept going to the piece and either working on something different or just not feeling like doing it.  But, when I actually let go of my worries, doubts, fears and its just my paints and music that's all I needed to complete this piece.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.



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