Saturday, June 25, 2011

Style of a Man- Ozwald Boateng Inspiration

Every now and then I will pick up a GQ magazine or Esquire magazine because well I am curious about men's style (and inside a man's mind, some articles can be very insightful) but, that is besides the point.  I am pretty sure every woman could agree a man in a well-fitted sport jacket can be a neck turner.  All of sudden your senses are heightened when a well dressed man walks by.  You sort of adjust yourself a bit just to get a better glimpse at his physique. The fit of jacket, well tailored pant...Is it European or American cut....No, Ralph Lauren purple label .....No, maybe its something you never heard of but, you know it did not come from Men's Warehouse. (Unless he has an amazing tailor) Or maybe its from the Devon Scott Collection.  Never heard of him?  Yeah me either.  But, his website has some amazing pieces for men.  Devon Scott

Devon Scott

And then, there's Ozwald Boateng

Spring/Summer 2011-Ozwald Boateng

A man after my own Le Mahogany Fashionista heart.  I had found my very first man illustration and decided to put it in my Etsy shop.  On Sale Now! It's entitled: My Man. Lol!

My Man
So there you have ladies and gents. My first post on Men's Style.  On several occasions I have had to tell a boyfriend or two that they need to change something that they thought they were going to wear out in public.  SMH. Nope that with me. lol!  (Quick Change) So, this post is dedicated to all the stylish men out there that know their style and carry it with confidence.  I see you. :)

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