Monday, June 6, 2011

Now Playing (On Repeat): Jill Scott "So In Love"

There's only a few music artists that I would run and buy their album or rampage itunes for.  Jill Scott is one of my few.  Real talent, Real voice, a real songwriter and so gorgeous.  The quote "I love me some Jill Scott" comes to mind.  :) She makes me smile and this song in particular "So In Love" is adorable with Anthony Hamilton.  It's a song that I can not stop jammin too and could see my parents jammin too as well.  Which either means I am getting real old or I just like real good music. Either way, I love it's ol' 70's sound which makes it an instant me anyways.  Take a Listen:

Jill Scott - So In Love by missjillscott

yup...I know you like it.  Album: The Light of The Sun comes out June 21st.  And I can not wait! :)


  1. That song with Anthony Hamilton IS super cute !! Loved their chemistry in the video too...Jill Scott is just a gorgeous woman all around :)

  2. Me too, Ladies! I love me some Jill



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