Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Inspiration: The Amazing Braid

Hair, Hair, Hair.  It's summer time ladies and ...gents.  And Summer is finally here which means for me I am braiding up my virgin, thick, natural black hair and buying someone elses to weave into my own. Ha! It sounds horrible I know but, it's a summer thing for me.  Now this is not to say I can't whip my hair back and forth with my own hair but, heck I like weaves and braids especially for the summer and extensions are just convenient to have.  An extension of me to express my beautification and style. :) Plus, I am ready to hang out at somebody's pool and go the beach.  So.  upon my many findings of hairstyles I started to notice this new phenomenal trend:  The 'Amazing' Braid.

A braid braided from the front to the side and hanging to the side....Absolutely love.  And I hope to rock it once I get some hair put in.  And there's so many different kinds...

Although not highly recommend when your driving but, I think you get the point of the wrap around braid. 

Bold color with long side braid. #Winning.  I love Rihanna in this pic
Love this.

When I think about the braid Alexander McQueen comes to mind.  The Spring 2011 collection of A. McQueen designed by Sara Burton was absolutely breathtaking.  When I was looking at some the close-ups of the beauty shots.  The hair...Wow.

Insane in a good way!   Of course this is the extreme variation of a braid but, extreme can be good for a showing especially when representing a Genius brand.  Long Live McQueen! To see more of what inspires me make sure you check out my tumblr blog: Inside the Imagination and Visionary Mind of Robin.


  1. I love this article, good post. I'm watching "The Voice" right now. Christina Aguilera is rocking a fat goddess braid on the right and a thin one on the left....really unique.-Rose

  2. I love them!especially the last one!



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