Monday, June 20, 2011

Christian Louboutions Ad Campaign 2011: High Art meets High fashion w/ a red bottom

I will own a pair....I will.  I am determined to wear them strutting through either the concrete jungle of which ever city; Paris, New York City, Milan....where ever I choice to be or purchase them.  I will own a pair (or 10) of Christian Louboutions.  I ran across this Ad Campaign for his Fall 2011-12 Look book and thought whoever came up with this concept was borderline Genius.

James McNeill's Mother's Whistler

Christian Louboution Version

Christian Louboutins

Georges de la Tour – “Magdalene and the Flame"

Christian Louboutin's Version

Christian Louboutin

Francisco De Zurbaran – Saint Dorothy

Christian Louboutin's Version

Christian Louboutions

Marie-Guilleme Benoit's -Portrait d’une negresse

Christian Louboutin Version

Christian Louboutin

Jean-Marc Nattier's "marquise d'antin"

Christian Louboutin Version

Christian Louboutin purse

 High Art+High Fashion = A wonderfully delicious campaign Ad for the Red bottom heels.


  1. I'm with day I'll own a pair too. ahh.
    Found you on Blog Farm!



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