Saturday, June 11, 2011

Le Mahogany Fashionista's: Summer Reading List

Yes. I read. Books.  Hard Copy Books.  I have always been a reader.  Ever since the fourth grade when I was introduced to poetry and comprehension of books without of pictures for the first time.  The worlds of Robert Frost and C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnias Series were always fascinating to me.  Using my vast imagination with creating my own characters was my relaxation and still is.   Also, it opens up a world of knowledge.  I recommend to those who are creative illustrators to designers to bloggers.  Hugh MacLeod's Book: Ignore Everybody and 39 other Keys to Creativity.   It is a great read! Totally changed the way how take my Le Mahogany Illustrations to the next level.  He's bit tongue and cheek but, real and honest of honing in on your creative endeavors.

Also on to my summer reading list:

The Help by Kathyrn Stockett

I started to read it.  Then stopped.  I never really was good at reading about the not so long ago times of inequalities amongst African Americans in this country.  That's why I thank God that was born when I was born. (An 80's baby)  Because, only Lord knows that I would not last long during the decades of late 50's and early 60's.  So, I am re-reading because my sister says its really good and the movie will be coming out soon...with one of my favorite actresses Viola Davis


Recently ordered The 48 Laws of Power

Recently recommended by a couple of friends that say its a must read.  I am all about finding your power within, self help books I never stir away from because they give you that extra boost of whatever you would want to call it confidence, ego...whatever.  I am never ashamed of bettering of myself  but, I am...not really I feel about this one. Lol!  But, I am willing to read a recommended read.  :) Keep you posted on it. To be continued....

First of....Robert Pattinson Hot.  And Robert Pattinson Hot.  So, if I can read something that I could imagine him being the main character in (shout out to my Twilighters out there) I'm reading it.  Haven't seen the movie but, I like to read the books before seeing the movies.

So that's it so far.  The help of Watering the elephants is Power.  Lol!  ;)

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