Sunday, September 22, 2013

LeMahogany Fashionista has changed to LeMahogany Illustrations!

Hello Everyone!

Long time no write!  I want everyone to be aware that LeMahogany Fashionista is no longer on the web!  If you go to it....unfortunately its some porn site :(  . I am rebuilding my blog to LeMahogany Illustrations!  The concept will be the same but more on my art and illustrations!  SO much is going on for the LeMahogany
Brand, I feel like I can't keep up!!!  Thank you all for your constant love and support throughout the years.

You can follow LeMahogany Illustrations Blog just click on the link!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy First Day of Summer! Top Ten 2013 Summer Essentials!

Hello LeMahogany Readers!  It's the first day of summer!  I'm sure that vacations are planned, BBQ parties and pool parties are scheduled, beach days are set with the main objective of having: Fun in the Sun!  Here are some Summer 2013 must do's and haves to make your summer one of the best, yet!

1. Get Some Fun Sunnies!  Cat Eye and Mirrored Sunglasses!

Mirrored Sunglasses

'Gumpy the Cat ' Style Sunnies

2.  Hydrate with tasty Ice Cubes! 

Mint & Lime Juice Cubes. Your  Ice tea or water will never be the same!

3. Befriend Summer Stripes!

Fun Stripes!

4. Got some summer time! Volunteer!

Whether its at a homeless shelter, senior center, animal rescue center or tutoring your time is needed this summer!
So DO something to help someone else other than yourselves! 

5. Summer Reading is a must!


Whether its fashion books, autobiography, fiction or for self improvement summer reading is a must!  Turn off the TV and turn on with a book. LeMahogany Summer reading 2013 list coming soon!  Check out last years' Lemahogany's summer '12 reading list : SU' Reading 2012

6.  Dance..... particularly to Daft Punk (#thankmelater)

Crank your favorite summer jams and let yourself go for a bit! Have a dance party moment or two!

7.  Bright Neon Satchels! You will never lose your purse again! 

Great to carry! I'm becoming an over the shoulder strap purse carrying kind of gal!  And they keep you organized many have different compartments to put you stuff in.

 8. Enjoy Summer Life! For those who are live in the Northeast of the United States...we are lucky to get a good at least three months of Summer Sun, so ENJOY it!

You only get one! Make time for the ones you love! 

9. Braid it up!  
Fishtail it, box it, braid it, plait matter how you twist and turn your hair, its the summer look!  (that's me on the lower right)

10. Get a great sandal heel after a great pedi of course!

I am loving the simplistic ankle strap heel right now.  So elegant on and dresses up anything you wear.

So there you have it! Top 10 Summer Essentials! Have a safe and fun summer!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Featured 3rd LeMahogany Anniversary Artwork! Blue Ocean Floor, Cleveland Aquarium and Dreams of Mermaids

A Resort Beach in  Mexico 2010

I absolutely love the ocean! The sun, the sand and the blue ocean water, it's so soothing and calming. Vacationing in Mexico three years ago was so relaxing.  My oldest sister and I vacationed there for a week and every morning I would take the little taxi bus over to the one of the three resort beaches.  That's where I decided to take my illustrations and blogging to the next level.  Realizing life is too short to be dissatisfied with it and I wanted to enjoy every minute from then on.

When I heard Justin Timberlake's Blue Ocean Floor song it had got me back in the same place that I was three years ago. I was in somewhat of a creative funk and music has always been one of my inspirations as an artist.

As, I listened to Blue Ocean Floor I started to illustrate....


The Disney movie Little Mermaid came to mind but I also thought this would be something I have never illustrated before so I gave it a shot.  I tend to sketch on backs of computer paper or different kinds of paper for some reason other than a traditional sense of a sketchbook. (Finally, bought one) So, excuse the yellow legal pad paper.  Hey, what can I say I seemed to be comfortable with it.

Next, I started to do a bit of I took a day trip to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium in the Flats of Downtown Cleveland!  I needed to see the movement of fish, the vibrant colors of the tropical fish and it maybe pet a Sting Ray a two. (I petted about 4 of them then decided to stop because one splashed water in my face,lol)  Here's some pics of the Aquarium.

Sting Rays!

Sharks merking through the waters! #SHARKWEEK

Fun Zebra Fish!

Nemo was getting bullied by the fish below...jerk.

Jellyfish were above my head. I loved the way they moved in the water.

So after the fun day trip, I began to sketch more and was actually commissioned to do an art piece for a friends daughter who loves mermaids!  Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the particular art work so I decided to make a few of my own. I made this artwork my 3rd anniversary artwork of LeMahogany Illustrations!  (Check out my 1st year artwork is here: She's one today!)

 (LeMahogany Fashionista turned 3 May 23rd!)

"Fourteen Mermaids"

They were so fun to illustrate and paint! This original artwork is a 12 inches x 18 inches in size and took me a few days to finish.  Prints are being made.  Although, I had them made but didn't realize that two of my mermaids were cut off in the process.  I think the person that was making them and I were so excited that the colors came out so gorgeous that we forgot the two that were cut off! Lol (oops!)

Prints available July 1st! 
However,  what is available now!  Joesphine Baker!

check her out, bananas and all! Along with my other illustrations! 

P.S. - I promise more posts!  Lots more to come from LeMahogany as I continue to share my illustration journey with you all and THANK YOU for the continued support and love! XOXOXO!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

LeMahogany's Closet! Open for Business!

Yes, its finally open and ready for business!  Le Mahogany's Closet is my new resale shop where I sale: Vintage, Gently worn, thirftied store items

Listen,  I have way too many items that I've worn probably once or twice in my life.  And since my 31st birthday has come and gone I'm getting a bit too old for some the things I had hanging in my closet.   New look and style is needed for me and what better way then to give to you!  

(too big no longer able to fit)

And much, much more!

I just went through my jewelry over the holiday weekend and lets just say I'm down to one jewelry tree and instead of  3. Lol!

So, take a look around, cyber shop, follow! LeMahogany's Closet it the ultimate!
Check out my Facebook Page with fun style tips, trends and other features in and about the shop!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Art Prints!

Happy Spring!  A quick Sunday short blog post!  LeMahogany has been busy but I promise more updates.  I definitely wanted to let all my readers know I finally have art prints!  So far in my Etsy are three of the favorites!  More to come!

Check out my Etsy section: Art Prints
Solange in Green Pants
Shelia in 4D

Solange in Rachel Roy

Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Illustrations!

Upgrade Braid

Hey all!  Happy April!  Happy Spring (finally)!  Spring brings new beginnings along with some budding flowers, chirping robins and maybe a see few bunnies! ;) My paintings have increased quite a bit sense my first Etsy sale with commission work and requests. Also, tis the season of art fairs!  Applications I've been applying and readying myself for a successful summer!  Sidenote: BTW if you looking for commission work done by moi please email me at in which I will happy to discuss rates.  I work on a contract basis in which will be emailed to you.  

Anyways back to new illustrations!

Kelly (on a black mini canvas)
Just to name a few....I have about 11 others to feature! Also don't forget about my first men mini art portraits: Darren and Aaron.  Two of the four first men mini art portrait collectibles! 



Pink Dress 

Much more to come with some exciting news in a next coming weeks!  Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

Playboy Bunny Outfit

The Bunnies Outfit
Yes.  The Playboy Bunny Outfit
It's an American Iconic costume piece that is associated with Playboy Magazine.  i have to admit it's sexy with its suggestive bustier but has a quirky, playful side with its fun loving rabbit ears.  What I come to find out that 'the playboy bunny outfit' was created by Zelda Wynn Valdes a Black fashion/costume designer who was known for highlighting a woman's curves in her designs.  Who better to know a woman's body than a woman herself!  I was inspired by the vintage outfit and wanted to try my hand a sketching a few illustrations then came the paints.....

Black Bunnies.

Then multiplying like rabbits they started to spout everywhere from my mind to my brushes and unto the canvases! 

Three Bunnies

And they are pretty much a collection, now.   Just in time for Easter! 
 Stay tuned for more and check out my other illustrations at 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My First Etsy Sale! And New Artworks!

Black Elegance. She's out my life. 
And just as my ipod touch chi, chinged to say I had an Etsy order and after the ridiculous jumping and silent rejoicing I did afterwards, "Black Elegance" was sold and out of my life.  She's headed to Texas now but she's my very first Etsy sale! Yay!  Hopefully many more to follow, I guess they say once you sale one you start to sale often.  In which is what I am praying for.  If your a creative like me, you love to create  but, the logistics selling  your products, the SEO's , the keywords, the social media marketing can get exhausting and daunting.  But the hard work and persistence paid off and made many mistakes along the way but I am much wiser now and humbly ready for the next steps of selling my artworks. 

So, back to the new stuff! As I try to polish up my LeMahogany Men I had squeezed in some new artworks I hope you like! Go over to my Etsy Shop for new listings! 

Like the one featured below!

Kesha, 4x4 in size. (mini)

Miss Spring

Inspired by of course, Spring! My second favorite season due its freshness of new beginnings and my birthday! 

Big Hair, Don't Care (sold without frame) 9x12 in size

The next projects include bunnys in time for Easter, wedding dresses and my LeMahogany men!  Off to Zumba I go!  Thanks everyone for your support in reading my blog and supporting my artworks! Much love!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Art in my Etsy Shop!

Sitting Pretty

Hey Readers! Happy March! Spring's (hopefully) on its way!  I don't know about you but this snow and cold has over welcomed its stay around me.  I have been away for awhile sorry for the lack of posting  I've been working on some new projects and new art works!  I have two art works to feature this.   At the top these five ladies are entitled "sitting pretty" and the down below is "Black Elegance".

Black Elegance 
They are both painted on watercolor paper and can be easily frame with any frame you like of a 9 inch by 12 inch in size.

On sale now!  LeMahogany Etsy Shop
More to come!


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