Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Illustrations!

Upgrade Braid

Hey all!  Happy April!  Happy Spring (finally)!  Spring brings new beginnings along with some budding flowers, chirping robins and maybe a see few bunnies! ;) My paintings have increased quite a bit sense my first Etsy sale with commission work and requests. Also, tis the season of art fairs!  Applications I've been applying and readying myself for a successful summer!  Sidenote: BTW if you looking for commission work done by moi please email me at in which I will happy to discuss rates.  I work on a contract basis in which will be emailed to you.  

Anyways back to new illustrations!

Kelly (on a black mini canvas)
Just to name a few....I have about 11 others to feature! Also don't forget about my first men mini art portraits: Darren and Aaron.  Two of the four first men mini art portrait collectibles! 



Pink Dress 

Much more to come with some exciting news in a next coming weeks!  Stay tuned!

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