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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Artist Appreciation: Iris Barbee Bonner

Hello Everyone,

My artist appreciation spotlight goes to Ms. Iris Barbee Bonner.  I stumbled across her awhile back trying to find my own inspiration and thought wow! This artist is pretty dope. I love her use of color and has sort of graffiti type vibe to it.  She also makes wearable art (shoes she has on are hers).  Check out some of my personal favs down below. 

Iris Barbee Bonner

I also found this Goal Digger Series she did.  In which I loved the play of words from the ever popular phrase"Gold Digger" to "Goal Digger".  Check out this Vimeo video for American Dreaming. (P.S. it's from 2009 so I don't think the raffle is still going on) but for more on this artist make sure you check out her website for all of links at

Love On Top by Beyonce...hearts, hearts, hearts.

New York City Penthouse Background. 6 Microphone stands.  5 Guys and Beyonce in a Black Leotard.  Medal-Adorned Military Cap.  With New Edition Dance Moves.
Stamp of Approval from Le Mahogany Fashionista.  Just a sneak peek full video premier next week. :0)



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