Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My First Etsy Sale! And New Artworks!

Black Elegance. She's out my life. 
And just as my ipod touch chi, chinged to say I had an Etsy order and after the ridiculous jumping and silent rejoicing I did afterwards, "Black Elegance" was sold and out of my life.  She's headed to Texas now but she's my very first Etsy sale! Yay!  Hopefully many more to follow, I guess they say once you sale one you start to sale often.  In which is what I am praying for.  If your a creative like me, you love to create  but, the logistics selling  your products, the SEO's , the keywords, the social media marketing can get exhausting and daunting.  But the hard work and persistence paid off and made many mistakes along the way but I am much wiser now and humbly ready for the next steps of selling my artworks. 

So, back to the new stuff! As I try to polish up my LeMahogany Men I had squeezed in some new artworks I hope you like! Go over to my Etsy Shop for new listings! 

Like the one featured below!

Kesha, 4x4 in size. (mini)

Miss Spring

Inspired by of course, Spring! My second favorite season due its freshness of new beginnings and my birthday! 

Big Hair, Don't Care (sold without frame) 9x12 in size

The next projects include bunnys in time for Easter, wedding dresses and my LeMahogany men!  Off to Zumba I go!  Thanks everyone for your support in reading my blog and supporting my artworks! Much love!

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