Monday, March 18, 2013

Playboy Bunny Outfit

The Bunnies Outfit
Yes.  The Playboy Bunny Outfit
It's an American Iconic costume piece that is associated with Playboy Magazine.  i have to admit it's sexy with its suggestive bustier but has a quirky, playful side with its fun loving rabbit ears.  What I come to find out that 'the playboy bunny outfit' was created by Zelda Wynn Valdes a Black fashion/costume designer who was known for highlighting a woman's curves in her designs.  Who better to know a woman's body than a woman herself!  I was inspired by the vintage outfit and wanted to try my hand a sketching a few illustrations then came the paints.....

Black Bunnies.

Then multiplying like rabbits they started to spout everywhere from my mind to my brushes and unto the canvases! 

Three Bunnies

And they are pretty much a collection, now.   Just in time for Easter! 
 Stay tuned for more and check out my other illustrations at 

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