Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Featured 3rd LeMahogany Anniversary Artwork! Blue Ocean Floor, Cleveland Aquarium and Dreams of Mermaids

A Resort Beach in  Mexico 2010

I absolutely love the ocean! The sun, the sand and the blue ocean water, it's so soothing and calming. Vacationing in Mexico three years ago was so relaxing.  My oldest sister and I vacationed there for a week and every morning I would take the little taxi bus over to the one of the three resort beaches.  That's where I decided to take my illustrations and blogging to the next level.  Realizing life is too short to be dissatisfied with it and I wanted to enjoy every minute from then on.

When I heard Justin Timberlake's Blue Ocean Floor song it had got me back in the same place that I was three years ago. I was in somewhat of a creative funk and music has always been one of my inspirations as an artist.

As, I listened to Blue Ocean Floor I started to illustrate....


The Disney movie Little Mermaid came to mind but I also thought this would be something I have never illustrated before so I gave it a shot.  I tend to sketch on backs of computer paper or different kinds of paper for some reason other than a traditional sense of a sketchbook. (Finally, bought one) So, excuse the yellow legal pad paper.  Hey, what can I say I seemed to be comfortable with it.

Next, I started to do a bit of I took a day trip to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium in the Flats of Downtown Cleveland!  I needed to see the movement of fish, the vibrant colors of the tropical fish and it maybe pet a Sting Ray a two. (I petted about 4 of them then decided to stop because one splashed water in my face,lol)  Here's some pics of the Aquarium.

Sting Rays!

Sharks merking through the waters! #SHARKWEEK

Fun Zebra Fish!

Nemo was getting bullied by the fish below...jerk.

Jellyfish were above my head. I loved the way they moved in the water.

So after the fun day trip, I began to sketch more and was actually commissioned to do an art piece for a friends daughter who loves mermaids!  Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the particular art work so I decided to make a few of my own. I made this artwork my 3rd anniversary artwork of LeMahogany Illustrations!  (Check out my 1st year artwork is here: She's one today!)

 (LeMahogany Fashionista turned 3 May 23rd!)

"Fourteen Mermaids"

They were so fun to illustrate and paint! This original artwork is a 12 inches x 18 inches in size and took me a few days to finish.  Prints are being made.  Although, I had them made but didn't realize that two of my mermaids were cut off in the process.  I think the person that was making them and I were so excited that the colors came out so gorgeous that we forgot the two that were cut off! Lol (oops!)

Prints available July 1st! 
However,  what is available now!  Joesphine Baker!

check her out, bananas and all! Along with my other illustrations! 

P.S. - I promise more posts!  Lots more to come from LeMahogany as I continue to share my illustration journey with you all and THANK YOU for the continued support and love! XOXOXO!

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