Saturday, June 9, 2012

Le Mahogany Illustration Etsy Shop Re-loaded ^_^

Plenty to choose from: LeMahogany Illustrations Etsy Shop Open for Business!!!!

She's back at it. She meaning me, selling my illustrations again ^_^  Excited to share this with the world and hopefully bring some happiness to your homes, offices or wherever you would like my gals hung.  My Etsy Shop is reloaded and open for business with some new illustrations and some that you may have seen before previously.  So, stop by and don't be Shy.  :0)  I am continuing to illustrate on some new projects this summer but, I will definitely keep you all posted.  Thanks to those for the continuing support,  I know I was M.I.A for a bit but, I promise to not keep away for too long of a time.  I love sketching and painting my girls I am very passionate by every single one.   So much more to come. XOXO.

Featuring some of my "Fierce Faces": Cherry and Carrie ^_^

My Style Muses ^_^
And other original artworks by Me: Featuring "All Black Everything"

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