Friday, December 28, 2012

My Letter to the Year Called 2012

Dear 2012, 

You were good.  No, you were a great year for me.  I personally deem you as the year of change.  Many lessons learned as life always serves and because of you (2012) I am a better woman because of them.  I examined what I had tolerated for so long.  Some friendships lost but I gained valuable and amazing ones mid year.  Discovering the value of my art and my craft and how it affects others all around the world.  My re-connection with my other side of my family has filled a void that I've missed and longed for. I love getting to know my ancestry history and where I actually came from.  I no longer feel lost.  I know why I am the way that I am.  When you can stand firm on your values, know your history,  know your beliefs and your spirituality, you are truly a powerful person.  I am not trying to sound like I am so 'Enlightened' that I am not human but, 2012 thanks to you my 2013 can only get better for me. Also, discovered that FEAR IS A BIG, FAT LIAR.

Many talk about New Years resolutions but, I'm not that traditional anymore.  It's never worked for me in the past so I choose to do a different 'resolution'.  It's called "The Act of Now".  I stopped talking so much future and started talking now.  I pray for patience as I continue my journey and have the confidence to know that through God anything is possible.  God may not answer when you want him to but, he's ALWAYS on time.  So, I am continuing my journey of life on the path where the light shines and look to HIM for the answers because you and I both know man (meaning the human race) may not have your best intentions at heart. My spirit of intuition is stronger, my mind set is changed for the better, my heart is ready to receive and I am ready to give and bless others no matter how big or small.

So, thank you 2012 and tell your brother 2013 I will see him soon. 

Love, Robin
The Creator of LeMahogany Fashionista

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