Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nicholas Kirkwood + Keith Haring: Now that's a matrimony I can agree with.

Nicholas Kirkwood +Keith Haring= Yummy!

I love when art meets fashion and fashion meets art. Its truly a match made in heaven. Despite the not so match made in heaven of the headlines of recent publicized divorces in recent news. (oy vay) So, back to the fantastic meant to be match of Nicholas Kirkwood and Keith Haring. As an 80's child I remembered seeing Keith Haring's cartoonish, pop, tribal like art everywhere. It was just a part of my 80's kid cultural world along with the beginnings of MTV, Michael Jackson dance moves and Jem and the Holograms cartoons on Saturday mornings. (with a huge bowl of captain peanut butter crunch cereal)

Check out this short film of some of his work.

Keith Haring had past away of AIDS in 1990. But, his artworks are easily recognizable and I'm sure some of you had seen them when I ran across these online.
My first thought was if I start saving now, I could get them by the New Year (maybe or next year when they are on sale....maybe). My second thought was, if they were black and in my shoe size...then they were meant to be. My third thought but not in least less thoughtful was: Wow! These heels are ridiculously fly.  How brilliant to put a fantastic shoe maker and iconic artist together.  Amazing!  Here's a few more then I ran across:

So there you have it.  A perfect match of art and fashion to rule the pavement with.  As pairs these heels a truly a match made in heaven. 

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