Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Gentleman Theory: My Fall 13' Menswear Favorite Burberry

I absolutely love a man who knows how to dress. A well dressed man really heightens the or my senses.  It's sort of a radar for me: a tailored single breasted slate grey suit with a Windsor knotted tie. (Nostrils flared)  Or a relaxed style of a crisp white button down shirt with a black skinny tie and black creased dress pant....(already drooling).  Men's fashions has really evolved.

Over the past years it seems men are sort of stepping up their game when it comes to how they look. Details are being payed attention to.  Groomings are a must instead of when you would need to go somewhere nice.  The Basketball and Football jerseys are now strictly for the courts or games instead worn out in public.  

Burberry Menswear Fall 13'

Burberry Menswear Fall 2013'
Should we thank Mr. Beckham or Mr. West for making fashion a second sense to have?  Is it now a turn to the modern day dapper?  

I decided to take my turn at illustrating men to see what I come up with......drawing men is more difficult then I thought............. I am practicing. ^_^

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