Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Viktor & Rolf-These guys are amazing....

New York Fashion Week has officially ended and Fashion week has now moved over the pond to London, Milan and Paris.  I have been steadily keeping up with some of the shows but, I have to admit that I am bit excited about Viktor & Rolf for Paris Fashion week.

Viktor & Rolf

To say the least these guys are geniuses.  I absolutely adore their shows and the collections are so out of this world that they may just be aliens.  Really....I am not kidding.  I have been watching some of their shows on youtube and found some amazing, bizarre, can not take your eyes off of shows.

Viktor & Rolf SP 2010
Viktor & Rolf SP 2010
Viktor and Rolf SP 2010
Spring 2010 Show Part 1

Spring 2010 Show Part 2

Viktor & Rolf Fall 2010 Show

(no words)

Who thinks of actually changing the models on stage in front of an audience?  Viktor and Rolf do.  I love these guys and wish their were more like them.  Ready to invade our world with their innovation and visionary ways.

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  1. I love them too, especially their fragrance, "Flower Bomb" ! Amazing designers.



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