Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Creative Cave-My me time.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I thought this post would be sort of ironic blog post to put up for Labor Day weekend.  But, I figured why not.  Here pictured down below is where the magic happens:

My Creative Cave
So, this is my escapism.  On most days when I get home from working the day job, I am right here in this corner.  I love it because well I pretty much shut off everything.  TV, phone, Blackberry, laptop, emails and any other distraction coming in my direction and for several hours I work on my illustrations.  (My me time and work time too)  For some people its exercise, yoga, playing sports, drinking.....but for me.  It's this:

Creative Cave part two
Now, don't get me wrong I love yoga and I have hate/love, its complicated relationship with the gym but, this is it for me.  I can spend hours, listening to music and creating.  So, for Labor Day followers I would like you to enjoy your day because I am honestly going to enjoy mine in my Creative Cave and don't worry, I come out to eat and go to the bathroom but, for the majority of time.....I'm here. haha!

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