Saturday, September 18, 2010

Prints, Prints and Prints and then it hit me....

Well...just in case you did not know....MY ETSY OPEN! YAY!  Le Mahogany Illustrations online shop is open for business and I will be posting some more pics shortly.  So, don't be shy, check it out.  Buy something if you dare..... I went to the print shop today to get some prints made of some of my illustrations and well....lets just say I am truly exhausted.  I need a make-over stat! Haha!  Fall is officially here, my favorite season and I have yet to bring out the Fall stuff and pack away the summer things.  I am wearing boots with summer shirts.  Sweaters with crop leggings...I am a HOT mess.  And let's not talk about my hair right now.  (Tuesday can not come any sooner) 
Print shop at the cutting board= Absolute Exhaustion
So, I am extremely excited and thrilled to say I have at least sold one of my paintings thus far. I hope to sell more in the coming weeks. :)  Until then, Le Mahogany Illustrations is OPEN.

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