Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cancun, Mexico..your almost here.

Very excited to be going to Cancun, Mexico soon.  Very soon, like all next week soon.  I am truly excited, my oldest sister and I need it.  We deserve it. (Boasting and I don't care) We are some hard working girls who both need some me time.  And what better way to do it but to get out the States over that Boarder and into the tropics.  To just get away and not have answer to anyone is plus but the bonus of all inclusive resort stay is truly the icing on the cake.  So, here's what I packed so far:

Not a gosh darn thing...haha!  (Besides my passport)
I know I am so behind but, I have every outfit picked out, along with my swimsuits, books that I have been meaning to finish and of course my sketch book. Unfortunately  there will be no blog posts next week.  I am certain there's Wi-Fi at the resort because I will be able to at least post some pics from my phone to mytumblr.  So your welcome to check that out in the meantime.  Although, I will missing out on the Caribana Festival this year, reflection time definitely needed. 

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