Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Viva La Mexico!

My note to Mexico:
You were great last week. I love your many drinks, ur sandy beaches & all of your curious looking creatures. I am home in the states now but u have my love and some of my blood from ur vampire mosquitoes. lol! Anyways you were a blast! Until next time...

This will forever be in my mind...

Cancun was nothing short of amazing....I loved every bit of it.  Had to revisit my high school learned Spanish language, to the friendly people, the sandy beaches, clear ocean:  I mean really clear.

You can literally see my foot.
I was loving God's creation, truly beautiful.  I took over 300 pics and I am just now uploaded them and thought I share a few with you fellow blog readers :)  My sister and I both agreed this was trip to be taken for the both of to reflect.  What's the next step in our lives, to relax and enjoy ourselves.  And we did.  I can seriously say I have a clearer mind, that the things that used to bother me: I shrug them off.  Because life is way too short to be wasted on...worrying and wondering on the what ifs. 

Everyday I was at the beach....mostly mornings, early afternoon.  (oh, yeah I still got a tan line)  Getting my Mahogany glow on and of course protected with the SPF 30 because Black people do burn, for those who may think its different with us.(rollin' eyes) lol! 

Ran into some curious creatures, real close too.

Look real close, you will find the lizard.
Geico. lol! These lil' dudes will get in your have to be careful.

The baby coati very cute...the bigger one not so much.
We did go one excursion to Chitzen Itza Amazing Ancient Mayan Ruins.
The pics does not do it justice....they were so huge! I was so nerdy psyched

Mayan Sinkhole

Inside this Beautiful Church on the Resort

The Colonial-Grand Palladium Resort and Spa

Gonna miss laying relaxing.  I literally fell asleep, my sister took this photo.
Oh, so many more pics....but, I wanted to share a few with you. :)

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