Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nine years ago we lost an Angel: Aaliyah

I remember when I heard the news that Aaliyah died.  I was getting ready for class in the morning,  I was a borderline freshman/sophomore in college.  I turned on the tube switched the channel to MTV and had gotten the announcement that Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash.  I literally dropped my bowl of captain crunch cereal on the kitchen floor and watched MTV news in amazement that such a young, beautiful girl could die at literally the start of her mega stardom.  I mean I bought all of her albums, I mimicked her style: baggy jeans, dark shades, hair over the eye.  Back and forth was my anthem in middle school.   That was my "Jam" back in the day. Her smooth lyrics, Her dance moves, voice of an angel, her gorgeous smile. I absolutely loved her.  And realize there will be no one to even come close to her style.  So this day the anniversary of her death I have to say rest in peace, Aaliyah.  Thank you for contributing to my life's soundtrack and gracing us with your presence.  

My favorite song by Aaliyah.

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