Monday, August 16, 2010

Remember En Vogue....

Four gorgeous women:  All can sing ( I mean really sing) talented, classy.  And they had the name of En Vogue.  Perfection! They made some amazing anthems for women.  They had a message,  sophisticated with pose and elegance: NOT thrusting and grinding the floor in next to nothing.  They were above all that.  Hell, they didn't need to do all that.  Thier natural talent took you away.  Although I am was 80's baby, I was a 90's MTV kid and they were what I wanted to look like & act like.  I wanted to be them,  they were like barbies (hence: Not Nikki Minaj) No offense to her because I actually like her...but to have four of Nikki Minajs in a group would look kind of silly.   Anyways, I ran across their "Best of" CD today in my collection and I had to share.  I loved them.

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