Monday, May 23, 2011

She's One Today. Celebration Le Mahogany Fashionista's One years old.

I bought her from and named her Le Mahogany Fashionista (.com)   And what a year we've had.  I love posting on her, she's finding her niche slowly but surely.  I get follower emails from fellow fashionistas all around the world, making connections, sharing fashion information, projects for example: featuring my first illustration magazine feature with Merh Magazine.  Yup, I have to say I am really proud of my fashionista baby.  Now, that she's going on to her second year.  There's always tweaks need to be done  and of course so much more I need to know about the blogging world.  And to think, I was honestly going to leave her alone.  (tisk) 

I have learned so much from Le Mahogany  As, she continues on,  she seems to get others inspired to do some blogging of their own.  Which is truly flattering. 

So, I'm in the middle of making my first anniversary piece, thought I would have finished by now. But, I am giving you guys a bit of taste.

this is it so far

It's runway watchers sister painting.

She's not quite down but, will be soon.  I am working on one other important gift for a dear friend, its drawn out just needs to be painted and I have t-minus 3 days to complete.  (It's deadline city, folks)  And between get-togethers with friends and family for my own b-day weekend.  I fell behind a bit.  (Darn B-day)  I have managed to complete two painting though for my very special friends who had recently graduated from college (Let's raise a glass to the college grads)  Entitled: Celia and JP because that's their names. Lol.



And last but not least my illustrations are for sale in my ETSY SHOP

Check it out if you have not already.  Don't be afraid to buy.  And that's it so far.  Keep you everyone posted on new projects coming up and youtube vid very soon :)  Muah. Thank you followers for your support it means so much.  Promise more to come! XOXOXOXO.  It's a celebration!!! LE MAHOGANY FASHIONISTA IS A ONE YEAR OLD!!!

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