Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Beyonce Bowl.

Three words: The Beyonce Bowl. What a show, what a show indeed! This is a performer. A true entertainer. Say what you want about lip singing and all that ridiculousness but you really can not say she did not show stop everything.  Literally.  The power going out in the Super Dome I still believe was her.  

Five reasons why I loved the Beyonce Bowl.

1. Women Power! 

The "you go girl" mentality in an a final showdown of one of the most male dominated sport of football is priceless. Including Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson and Destiny's Child I enjoyed every bit of their performances.

2. What a Band!  The Sugamama's were hittin'. All women, all rocking out to the best! Awesome.

3.  As in DC 3!  Looked amazing! 

4. The Stage set and props were awesome! When the hair moved I shrieked a little.

5. Beyonce's energy was electric!  Goosebumps and all. There's no denying her talent and performance skills! 

She came, she delivered and she conquered.  The Best Superbowl Ever! #BeyonceBowl


  1. The fact that people are still talking about Beyonce's performance shows how much of a performance it was.

    I can't recall another artist being as highly anticipated in my lifetime besides Michael Jackson during Thriller days.



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