Friday, February 22, 2013

Artist Appreciation: Michelle Robinson

Michelle Robinson
My first artist appreciation of the year 2013 goes to an artist that I truly admire.  Michelle Robinson has sparked a fire in my own artwork to not only continue with my art and illustrations but to be part of a creative movement of women artists (not like I can quit and yes I have tried).  I tumbled across one of her artworks on tumblr and was awed by her work.  Her intricate design and detail of these beautiful women she creates are amazing and I became an immediate groupie following her on instagram.  Only to wake up with several likes and comments from Michelle herself on my instagram.  :)  There's nothing like 'artist love' that can really warm the heart and inspire the mind.   Especially among women artists!

Here's a great interview of Michelle and her artwork on her paintings of 'The Goddess Bus' for The Goddess Project a really cool project that features two female filmmakers filming women across the U.S. overcoming their fears and realizing their potential.     


Here's a few my favorites from Michelle.  They are all so beautiful!

Strong Hold by Michelle Robinson
 © Michelle Robinson 2012

'Shade' in IDENTIFLY series by Michelle Robinson
© Michelle Robinson 2012

'Kade' part of the IDENTIFLY series By Michelle Robinson
© Michelle Robinson 2012

© Michelle Robinson 2012

© Michelle Robinson 2012

AND......It doesn't stop at her amazing artwork. She continues awe me with her one of kind accessories of purses, wallets, shoes, ties and T-shirts!  So cool! 
Check out the rest of her amazing art originals, prints and accessories at 


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