Saturday, November 20, 2010

Inspirational Overload: Album Covers

Yeah, I know what your thinking....why is she saying Album Covers?  Okay, well there is a lot of new music coming out by some of my favorite artists and I have been really digging the album covers.  And I wanted to share with you.  I am just gonna start with my favorite and go down the line. 

Kanye West

by Artist George Condo

Not an album cover as many know but, this have to admit it captures you.  Its funny cartoon face, a little bit scary but, you have to admit, you can not help but to stare at it.  Because its staring at you.  Unapologetically.  So much like Kanye himself.   It made me want to look up who painted this.  Who's behind Kanye's Covers.  His name is George Condo.  His work speaks for itself.

He's also behind this (possibility of this album cover which still remains to be seen since it's banned in the US)

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

so I believe they opted for this one instead
And Cleveland's own Kid Cudi.

Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager
I love the ol' picture finish.  Mr Solo Dolo looks amazing although somewhat depressing.  It has a lot of feeling to it.  In which from what I hear, the albums is really good.  I still have to get it.

Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday

Nicki Minaj
Look no arms.  hahahaha!  Elongated legs, funny face, pink wig. I cant help but love this chick.  She's crazy and for some reason...I find myself singing her lyrics from time to time. I can not wait to get her album.  I have a feeling she is literally Massive attacking a lot of so called Rappers out her.

I love NERD.  Always have....always will.  Great album by the way.  Photographed by Terry Richardson

And how can I forget.....Maroon Five a.k.a Seksi Music.

Hands all Over
Great album.  Period.  The multiple hands, the covers, the bed.  Enough said.  Very Seksi.

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