Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh, Tom. (Sigh)

I love him. No I really do. A man that knows how to dress a woman. A man that takes sexy to a whole new level. I looked forward to his collections, I am so, so, so happy he is back. Just look at him, look at him.
I mean who wouldn't want that waiting for them at home from a long days work.  Wow.  But, enough about his handsome, undeniable looks, his talent is what's a really turn on.  A director, a visionary, a fantastic designer and one of the true inspirational geniuses in the fashion world. (I love him)  I love the controversial campaigns for his men's line,  perfumes, sunglasses.

I love this one of Erykah Badu

But, man oh man when I saw the article in Vogue December magazine.....I died.

and these...

Oooooo...I got so excited.  I love the studio 54 look.  70's glamorous looks of Diana Ross and die (Rachel Zoe's voice)  I am so excited to see more from him.  My fashion lover is back.  Be still my heart.

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