Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tis the Season part 2

I have to say making the holiday cards was the most enjoyable to me.  Listening to Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack along with other Christmas music was a lot of fun.  So, after countless hours of creating the cards...I really did not take the best pics of them before giving them out. :( But, here are a few that turned out okay.
To my oldest sister: Card named Noel

Inside of Noel

My other sister holding up: Joy

The back of Joy

Peace: For my stepmother

So, as you can see the pics suck. haha! But, everyone seemed to enjoy their cards.  I had made my brother and father ones too...but, they were not as exciting as I did with the ladies in my family. :)


  1. LOVE these, Robin! Could I contract you to make a special card for a girl who is turning 5 in February? And if you ever want photos of any of your work, just shoot me a note or text me and I'm happy to take pics for you!

  2. Hi KATS! Absolutely! I would love to make a b-day card for that special girl turning the BIG 5. Just message me or email me details. And thanks for the offer to photograph my artworks I will definitely keep you in mind. :)



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