Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kanye's Runaway

So, with much anticipation I have been waiting to see Kanye West's directorial debut of Runaway.  And I loved it.  Cinematically, the colors everything about I loved.  So, many symbolic elements used it's gonna take me probably a few months to figure it out.

So, see for yourself Runaway, the opening song is ridic.  I Love it.

Selita Ebanks is gorgeous as the phoenix and I really felt she played her role very well.  And I found myself laughing at Kanye a bit because #1 I am definitely not used to him as an actor and #2 if he decides to go that route, acting classes are definitely needed.  Kanye as a director was amazing. Visuals stunning, the colors and camera angles done really well.  I loved Selita's twitching in the 'Power' scene and than starts to do this African dancing sort of movement.

The ballet dancers were very graceful during the runaway song. 

And the dinner scene was priceless.  The costume, feathered piece was done beautifully and the headdress was so Royal.  To me this was another symbolic scene.  Everyone dressed in all white except Kanye and his Phoenix.  Almost like a "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" kind of theme.

What I noticed the most about this short film is that Kanye never tried to change his Phoenix.  He did not tell her to do anything she did not want to do.  Even when the scene in which she sort of seems like she attempting to drink out of teacup.  She just did it.  Also, when she tried to break bread with the others around the table.  They weren't have it.  So, symbolic of discrimination amongst class or cast system or just with people who look different or maybe different from us.

Then, the Phoenix basically says I am outta here because I am not trying to turn into stone.  As you know stones are hard, solid objects.  To me the Phoenix represents free flowing fluidity.  So, when she explains to Kanye that Phoenix's turn to stone what I feel she is saying is that I wouldn't be me if I stay here.  And of course the whole epic scene of Kanye running (in slipper's by the way and hard too) and she flys way up in the sky and than the message of "Who will survive in America."

I loved it.

All of it.

BRAVO! BRAVO! Kanye! I admire his passion to be different and take hip-hop towards in upward movement.  Thank you, sir.


  1. Great read, and I too loved the shirt film and the music. Kanye is genius and brilliant as he wants to be.

    There are so many different angles I believe one can take in deciphering the messages here or one can simply view it as Kanye discussing his relationship with Amber Rose.

    Nonetheless, awesome awesome video. Selita's actions after they served the bird for dinner was pure comedy.

    I too love the sentiments expressed in the ending.

    Enjoyed the read.

  2. thanks Don! I totally agree Kanye's a Genius. I can not wait for his album to come out. Just a few more weeks! :)



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