Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finally....Lady Gaga Telephone Video.

I have read some the reviews on this video...but, I have to say this is video boarder line genius. Here's my five reasons why:

1. The all women's prison with the tag line "See I told you she didn't have a d@%k. LOL! Hilarious. The prison yard scene, the soda can rollers, the girl fight (not fighting like girls, literally like dudes)

2. Micheal Jackson reference when she leaves the prison.
3. Beyonce's or should I say Honey B's ride "PUSSY WAGON" <---quentin awesome="awesome" br="br" reference="reference" tarantino="tarantino">4. Honey B's Betty Page Hair...Love it.
5. And with the Thelma and Louise satire at the end. Genius!

I loved it. This mini-movie was awesome!!

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