Saturday, February 20, 2010

NY Fashion Week is officially are my pics

Usually I call it "The honorable 5" of New York Fashion week. On a first name basis: Tracy, Rachel, Ralph, Carolina and Marc. But, I'll tack on their last names for familiarity purposes, Check out my top five:

1. Tracy Reese
2. Rachel Roy
3. Ralph Lauren
4. Carolina Herrera
5. Marc Jacobs

Tracy Reese

I absolutely love this designer. One of the most underrated ( I feel) New York designers. Her designs are feminine, chic and elegant. Definitely for the modern day gal like myself. I find her very inspirational and has yet to own one of her pieces. I loved her play on lace and arm warmers.

Rachel Roy (Damon Dash's Ex-Wife) Another amazing designer!

Power suit-amazing, but the jacket that looks like its buttoned wrong, amazing styling tip.

Marc Jacobs....he's just a genius. Two of my favorites:

Ralph Lauren-Love the pilgrim sleeves and the fall florals. American Classic

Carolina Herrera Love the punch of color. I know her dresses so well I can pick out who is wearing her during Red Carpet Season. Someones going to wear her at the Oscars...I guarantee it.

On to London...stay tuned.

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